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Hotel TerraVina Supports Rose Road

"Gerard and I have never felt so moved to become involved as we have been with this charity, Rose Road,...

“I am absolutely thrilled that Gerard and Nina have decided to support the Change My Life Appeal. I recently gave them a tour of Rose Road whilst explaining how they could support the Appeal. They were really touched and very impressed by the wonderful facilities at Rose Road. They even had the opportunity to meet some of the young disabled people who where in respite that day. They immediately offered there support to the appeal by asking “What can we do to help!” I am so pleased that they are supporting our Crystal Ball and it will be even more special now that they are involved.
Visit Hotel TerraVina soon…it really is that special!”
Gary Thomasson, Fundraising Partnerships Manager

“Gerard and I have never felt so moved to become involved as we have been with this charity, Rose Road, which is not only local to Hotel TerraVina but is a very special place. The most compelling thing is that the people who are involved at Rose Road are so incredibly committed and passionate about the children and what they can do for them- little things that we take for granted but to someone with so little ability to communicate can help to make them feel so much more special and in control.

I recently visited the association and was humbled by what I saw and the tour I had- it was simply just incredibly moving to hear the stories, meet some of the fantastically dedicated staff and even meet some of the children themselves, all of whom seemed so happy- I am sure Gary Thomasson won’t mind me saying so, but he is inspirational and as the father of Nicole, herself severely disabled is a huge asset to an already very special place- he is a fund raiser extraordinaire! But more importantly, he speaks with such heartfelt love and commitment for Rose Road that you feel completely compelled to be involved, in however small way that it might be.”
Nina Basset

Gerard and Nina Basset have already been very generous with their support by sponsoring the Champagne draw at Rose Road’s Charity Crystal Ball which is being held on Saturday 8th November.

Gerard Basset, one of the world’s top sommeliers, has chosen the champagne for the draw to win a fantastic diamond (courtesy of Parkhouse the Jeweller) 100 glasses of Gerard’s chosen champagne will be sold with a chance to win the diamond, all of which has been generously donated. As a special treat, Gerard will be informing guests on why he chose the champagne, and some information on the champagne (for the champagne aficionados) .

On top of this, Nina and Gerard also donated a bottle of the famous Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne and a meal at their fabulous restaurant. As well as taking a table at the Ball, so they will not miss out on this special evening!



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