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TerraVina Dogs Carry the TerraVina Brand Around the World

When we first opened the hotel, we bought a leather dog doorstop to keep the huge, heavy, front door open.....

So many guests noticed the dog and commented on it that we contacted the designer and manufacturer, Richard Allen and his team at Cake Design UK Ltd, to ask if we could sell a selection here at TerraVina, providing a quirky twist to the hotel whilst extending the TerraVina brand. Now we are, together, developing a specially designed fabric for an exclusive TerraVina dog.

The dogs are available for purchase direct from the hotel, 023 8029 3784...and some are HUGE, the size of rocking horses:

- Leather dog

Leather dog                
Available in dark brown leather

  Stripe dog

Stripe dog          
Available in Candy stripe (mixed) and/or a mix of stripes and leather fabrics        


Available in Candy stripe (mixed) and/or a mix of stripes and leather fabrics                      


Huge dog    
Available in a mix of stripes and pattern fabrics                 


Now TerraVina dogs have been sent, and continue to be sent, all over the world to countries as far away as California, Hong Kong, and Australia, as well as throughout Europe and all over the UK.

What started as a single dog has now expanded into a TerraVina range of candystripe dogs, dog draught excluders, puppies and dog keyrings. All items are labelled Hotel TerraVina and are used extensively throughout the hotel.

People now associate the dogs with TerraVina and even if they see them somewhere else, they still call them the TerraVina dogs. Guests return and buy another one to add to their TerraVina family of dogs.


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