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A Career in Hospitality….It’s very special and we’re looking for great people.

Hospitality…. A very special career

I am passionate about the Hospitality Business. I cannot imagine being involved in any other trade. Being in this business is a little bit like being a stage actor- There is an adrenaline rush before a busy service, just as an actor experiences prior to striding onto the stage. Restaurant diners are the audience and the meal experience is just like watching a play or a show unfold at the theatre, with an introduction (starter), the body of the show (main course) and the conclusion or finale (dessert). There are all the intricacies in between, when the service can have a hiccup and go slightly awry, like an actor tripping on the stage or forgetting their lines and then there is the audience applause and adulation when all has gone well and our guests tell us what a great time they’ve had and they re book for another occasion. Then there is the anti climax of the after service/show time, when the adrenaline is all gone and your feet hurt, only for it all to happen again for the next service/next performance. The buzz and excitement is infectious.

It is a fascinating business. There are so many complex elements to it- you have to be able to read people. You have to like people and want to interact with them on a personal, one to one level. You have to empathise with both guests, staff and suppliers, all of whom require different approaches but mostly simultaneously, so there has to be an enormously flexible aspect to your personality. Patience and a positive nature are an absolute must, as is the skill to turn every challenge into an opportunity and the ability not to panic in the middle of a crisis is always a good to skill to have up your sleeve too.

In order to shine in hospitality you have to give your all; to feel passionate and love it, there is a great sense of satisfaction, pride and pleasure that offering great service and hospitality brings- you are helping to ensure that other people have a great time in your establishment. You leave them with fantastic memories of a fabulous experience, that they can recount to others and which will leave them so keen for a replay of the feel good factor, that they will keep returning and become very loyal guests and friends of the establishment.

After three years, due to two team members moving on to pastures new and a proposed expansion, we are re-structuring our team here at TerraVina and have some new and exciting positions which are available, but my faith in people, good manners and high standards has been sorely tested during the course of trying to replace them….. I know there are great people out there, some have already sent their CV’s and they may just be the sort of people who would fit in well at TerraVina. We are looking for people who are passionate about what they do and who have personal pride in their jobs… so please can you get in touch as we would love to meet you.


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