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It has been a while since my last blog but today seemed a good day to start writing again- I very much enjoy writing the hotel blog. but since the last time I put ‘pen to paper’ or more precisely fingers to the keyboard I have been grappling with some fairly major problem changes which precluded me either having the time, inclination or wish to write- but my writing mojo is returned so here we are…

Ten years ago in 2006 Gerard and I purchased what is today Hotel TerraVina- we don’t think of the hotel as being ten years old yet as TerraVina didn’t emerge until the refurbishments were complete in August 2007 but certainly next year it will be the 10th anniversary of TerraVina.

When we opened he hotel full of hope and expectation we couldn’t have begun to imagine hat a rollercoaster the past ten years have been – we have loved, hated and had periods of indifference about the place in equal measure- it has bought us much worry, heartache, hardship and stress, coupled with lasting friendships, a sense of pride in our achievements, a loyalty that we have appreciated enormously and some moments of real enjoyment, pleasure and even joy.

Over the past years much has changed about being a hotelier- some for the good and other aspects not so positive, but one thing is for sure, no matter what style of hospitality business, a place is only as good as the standards it upholds, the attention to detail and the team of staff who work within it. We have had some very special staff over the years, some of them remain, in fact we still have many familiar faces who we love and appreciate. Of those who have moved on, we are still in touch with many and we are proud of many of them too.

Mentoring young people and watching their careers soar is a sense of pride and achievement to both Gerard and I. We are thus delighted that after a stumbling, stuttering and bus frustrating few months, when we appointed some nice people into various roles, but then quickly parted company with them, as they were not right for us, nor we for them, we have now gathered a team of people who we are keen to develop, nurture and mentor as our management team and who we feel will ultimately fit into the TerraVina ethos and who will work closely with us to continue to ensure that our mission to make TerraVina the most liked hotel in the forest remains our goal and objective.

We do hope you will visit soon to meet the newest members of the team- headed up by James and Sarah-Jayne, ably assisted by Kayleigh, Ross and Jordan. Do keep in touch be it via social media, our newsletter, website or personal visits- we truly do appreciate our guests and are thrilled to welcome so many of you back to what we hope remains, not only in its tenth year, but for many further years ahead, a gem of a place tucked away in the forest, with food, wine and friendliness at its heart.

Hope to see you soon

‘Til next time Nx

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