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A big thank you to TerraVina!

This week we have a lovely guest blog that someone wrote after a stay at the hotel.  They have asked for anonymity but many thanks for letting us post this on the blog! HT

It’s not very often one can say a stay at any hotel has gone without hiccups.  In fact, of all the places I’ve travelled to, even the nicest hotels have had a; “could do better”. That’s not because I am overly fussy of course but because I personally believe that we can all improve upon what we do, whatever that may be.

However, I was fortunate enough to stay at Hotel TerraVina a little while ago – which was a kind of ‘congratulations’ on passing my Masters Degree.  I wanted to have a night away from the previous months of stress studying and inevitably needed some ‘me’ time and it was the best night I’d had in a long, long time.

Now I have travelled to many places over the years and if I’m honest have probably never really slummed it anywhere, but I’ve always tried to find hotels that offer good service – something that I think is the most important aspect of any break away.  You can put up with a lot if you get a smile and responsive staff who actually care about what they are doing for you.

So when I went to TerraVina I was pleasantly surprised not only by the level of service but just how friendly a place it is.  Nina arranged for me to have a beautiful room with a bed that was gloriously sized and the veranda with views of the forest was a welcome sight after a long week.  However, that was only the tip of the iceberg on a night that will be remembered for a very long time.

I went down to dinner at around 7.30pm and was promptly offered an aperitif before sitting down to a wonderful meal.  One thing I love about TerraVina is that you are not forced to listen to music while you eat. The restaurant therefore is definitely a place you go to with friends to talk and enjoy conversation with, something that anyone who wants to celebrate an evening appreciates!

I was offered different wines with each course of my meal (The very talented Laura providing her expert guidance) and as you would expect each wine complimented my food perfectly, which is a testament to how skilled the team are at TerraVina.

During dinner I felt Susie went above and beyond to make my meal a memorable one and along with the other team members in the restaurant that night, was attentive, smiled and most of all, made me feel extremely welcome. And it wasn’t a forced attentiveness either. One gets the sense that every member of the TerraVina team enjoys what they do immensely.

The trouble now of course is that every new hotel I venture to will always have to compare to TerraVina and I suspect that is going to be impossible to live up to. There are five star hotels that provide a certain type of service but it is a shallow one.  Yes the silver cutlery looks nice and the staff, perfectly turned out, but the pretentiousness is all but evident and to me that is not a place I enjoy staying in.

TerraVina offers a top class service but from a team who are genuinely passionate about what they do and it really shows in everything that they do.

So I would like to thank Nina, Gerard and of course the many people that make up the TerraVina experience for a wonderful stay, a beautiful meal and an atmosphere that is most welcoming for anyone celebrating (or not).  I will be back!

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