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A star is born… London last week for Decanter Man of the Year and Cannes this week (sort of!) for the Film Festival.

For the many who know Gerard well, you will be aware that he spends much of his time travelling to far flung places to taste wine, visit vineyards and generally have a lovely time surrounded by anything wine related… oops! Read that as him working very hard in a wine related industry. Actually I jest, as he does work extremely hard and his trips are not “jollys” as he is often travelling on his own, living out of a suitcase and working hard giving lectures, presentations, conducting wine tastings and judging… have I sounded sympathetic enough do you think?

However, he did stop in England long enough to be presented with his Decanter Man of the Year title recently and a great time was had by all. On the evening of the presentation Gerard’s acceptance speech was even longer than Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous Oscar acceptance and he managed to thank everyone in the room, all 70 odd people! However, I would also like to add most heartfelt and grateful thanks to not only those who were with us to share such a fabulous and memorable evening, but also to our hosts, Sara Kemp and her brilliant Decanter Magazine team, who hosted the 1st part of the evening and Arnaud Christiaens  and Frederic Zantman and their team, who so kindly surprised us with limousines and a superb dinner at Blakes, with fabulous wines, to ensure the evening was rounded off so brilliantly and spectacularly.  Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it, but Gerard, Romané and I were so genuinely bowled over by the warmth of friendship, the high regard and respect that Gerard was given and the generosity of those who know and love GB- huge thanks to you all.

There are photos galore and videos of the whole event and each one captures perfectly the spirit, the fun and the warmth of the evening- it was a most memorable time and we are so fortunate to have been blessed with so many lovely people to call our friends and colleagues. Here are some links for those who want to see more and read all about it

Gerard Basset Honoured at Decanter Man of the Year Dinner

Gerard Basset Decanter Man of the Year, 2013

Following on from that success, Gerard then became a temporary film buff extraordinaire and in his role as Ambassador for French Wines, was asked to comment on the Cannes Film festival and marry some of the films to be screened and judged in Cannes with wines…sadly he wasn’t actually in Cannes, or I would have had to have travelled with him for once just to organise his suitcase! Romané and I were amazed at his knowledge of the films and film stars and were very impressed by his choices and comments; see what you think………

Thus all in all a busy couple of weeks and I have run out of time to continue planting lavender bushes, (a propos my gardening leave) which is just as well as even the bumble bees are dizzily overwhelmed with the scent of the lavender in our garden!

Till next week


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