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A TerraVina blog post (at last!!) and a tribute to a very special team member, Ross Craig.

It has been far too long since I wrote a blog and I am surprised at how quickly the weeks and months have slipped by without me feeling compelled to write; but in recent weeks I have started to miss musing and ranting (!) in my blog and so at long last I feel ready to write again…. It wasn’t so much ‘writer’s block’, a falling out of love with writing the blog, or even not having something to say, more that everything I wanted to say was too controversial, too explosive and would have come across as me simply being angry and barring my teeth at all and everything- I still feel like that often as the challenges of running a small business get bigger and bigger, people get ruder, the world around us becomes less tolerant and generally we all seem to have less human kindness to share and then WHAM! I was stopped in my tracks one ordinary, but fateful day at the end of March, when I was bought up short with a bang, when put simply, life will always be a little bit different since that day..

Many of you who know the hotel well will know that Gerard and I have, over many years taken on team members who we have mentored, nurtured and guided and we have watched with pride as to how their careers have flourished and how successful they have become… we choose team members not always for their abilities, but often more for their character, their personality and their potential. We see something special in them that we hope we can draw out and then we watch them with pride as they grow in confidence, expertise and maturity and then they ‘fly the nest’.

One such lovely chap was Ross Craig, who joined us a year ago in March and who in that time we had watched flourish and grow with confidence and gain a self assurance that would have ensured he had a very promising career ahead of him, both here at TerraVina and beyond at some future stage… but life is sometimes cruel and works in mysterious ways and tragically Ross was taken from us all too soon, when he sadly passed away in his sleep. It is no exaggeration to say that it has rocked our world and tipped us off kilter. The team are very close knit and Ross was without doubt the most popular member of our TerraVina ‘family’- we all loved him and had all looked on with pride and encouragement when Ross had joined us and started his journey of growth- we marvelled at his courage and bravery when he embraced each new challenge we gave him- I personally pushed him out of his comfort zone on so many levels and he took each one in his stride, with a smile and blossomed as his confidence grew. He was simply a lovely young man and he

touched us all with his smile, his kindness and his integrity. Whilst I shouldn’t admit to having a favourite, I unashamedly do say that Ross was my absolute favourite and his loss has been hard to bear for all of us and has left us feeling bereft of a very dear and special person. A month on and the sense of unfairness and loss has not diminished or dimmed and our thoughts remain with his dear parents and brother and his extended family, all of whom have been so brave and strong and shown such strength of spirit.

TerraVina is a better place for having had Ross work within it and he will always be remembered by us all- he touched our lives and taught us much about human kindness. As the summer starts to peep around the corner, life here will move on apace, but Ross will remain in our thoughts and his family will be welcomed warmly into our TerraVina ‘family’… many of our guests tell us that’s what makes TerraVina special, the sense of family, of unity, the closeness that the team share and the warmth of those who are part of the TerraVina team. Our team have all been troopers this past month and have helped Gerard and I and each other come to terms with the tragedy that has happened and we are very proud of them all. God bless Ross, sleep peacefully and know how much we all loved you and will always remember you as being so special.

Looking ahead we are getting ready for the sunshine, preparing the pool to re-open in May, planting the flowers and tubs, dusting ourselves off and planning new dishes, new colour schemes and generally moving forward in readiness for the summer. We are looking forward to continue to welcome many familiar faces back again to TerraVina and thank you all for your on going support and enthusiasm for TerraVina- it really is very much appreciated

Until next time


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