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A very kind gesture to Hotel TerraVina, which took the wind out of my sails and rendered me speechless!

I was very surprised and deeply touched by a friend of mine last week- her act of kindness rendered me speechless (not very usual!). She completely surprised me with her gift and even now as I recount the story I am still reeling from the shock and surprise…

Sheila West, of SR WebMedia is the lady responsible for ensuring that once I have written my blog and sometimes she gently nudges me along the way on the occasions that I run out of hours in a day and don’t deliver it on time…. basically I write the blog and then Sheila ensures that it gets posted to the web and is there for all to see. She does all the techy bits as I am such a techno phobe and all I do is the nicest part and the best bit of simply writing it.

Quietly and secretly, Sheila has been gathering the best offerings of the blog which I have now been writing weekly (almost) for 2 years and has collated them together into a book of a whole year’s worth of blog posts, which she has actually had published for me, complete with an ISBN number (some technical detail apparently that ensures the book is authentic and properly registered).  The next step is to have more copies printed (everyone who knows me will have one in their Xmas stocking!) and hopefully Amazon will have me too, so watch this space. But as of now, I am a published author of a book I never realized I was writing.

However, no matter which shelf it ends up on, (if any), the bit that stunned me was the act of kindness and the amazing gift that Sheila offered me- what a lovely, lovely surprise and one that touched me hugely. I love writing the blog… I only write if because I enjoy the routine of sitting, thinking and writing all sorts; the fact that anyone reads it always surprises me and now to think that someone has considered having some of the posts published into a book on my behalf is fantastic.

Huge thanks Sheila- you are so kind and really I cannot tell you how pleased I am and touched at such a lovely, thoughtful gift.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Till next week


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