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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. TerraVina misses Gerard…

Many people who are aware that Gerard travels extensively ask how we ever manage to see one another and I always joke that it is lovely when he is away as I on the rare occasions I sit and watch TV, I get to be in control of the TV remote.. why do men do that when you are settled and watching a show and they randomly switch channels, without asking and then proceed to do a run down of ALL the channels whilst you are missing the vital bit of the whodunit? It’s definitely a “man thing”, as we girls would never do that… so I get the remote, I have all the bed to myself, the house stays tidy, I can eat cheese on toast every night if I want to and just generally be completely selfish and enjoy the peace and quiet of my own company- lovely!

At least it is for about two days and then I start to miss the banter and the presence of GB being at home and not to mention the cup of tea in bed every morning. Thus it is with mixed feelings that I realise that if he travelled 90,000 plus miles last year, in 2013 it will be more as he has still more trips around the world planned- I tease him that he has the Life of Riley and is constantly on a jolly, but actually I secretly think it’s not all it’s cracked up to be- airplane travel is mostly stressful and horrible, not glamorous and relaxing. Staying in a hotel on your own and living out of a suitcase is not so enjoyable and exploring different countries without loved ones to share the memories and experiences isn’t much fun- thus I think that whilst I would love to sometimes say “Stop the world I’d like to have GB’s travelling itinerary for a day or two”, actually, in reality I think I have the better option of being at home with Romy and Malmsey and family and friends, in our own surroundings and with our TerraVina support team around us.

Gerard is currently in Canada, having a great time I am sure tasting Ice wine and taking trips to beautiful, snowy vineyards, but just in case he is reading this… hurry home, we all miss you and want you back soon

Till next week


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