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All change…Hotel TerraVina has a ‘sea change’ and is now shaping a new team for exciting times ahead…

We have a new team in situ and they are doing very well….. our new General Manager is Andrew, his deputy is Jo and we have two assistant managers, Ross and Laura… many of you will have already met Laura as she has been with us for some time and we are delighted that she has been promoted to be an assistant manager with us. Alwine, our Head Sommelier, has a new assistant in her team, Andreas, who has joined us from the Fat Duck and we are delighted at how well he has settled into TerraVina- he is a charming edition to the team and we are thrilled to have him with us.
Please don’t think there are no familiar faces left though, as we have many of the original team members still with us (right from before we opened, such as Pearl, Marie, Lin and Paul) and many others who have been with us a number of years, including Rowena, Gavin, Mark and of course Suzi who has never really properly left and still keeps a watchful eye over us all (!) Thus for those of you who keep returning, and many thanks for doing so, there are still many people you will know from your previous visits.

We have had a busy and hectic few months gathering the new team, shaping and mentoring them – it has not been without its stresses and challenges, but the pain has been worthwhile as the new people bring a maturity and enthusiasm to the hotel which we are already feeling is benefiting from a rejuvenation and reinvigoration of its spirit. In almost ten years Gerard and I have seen the business develop, grow, stumble and fight its way through adversity, be it a builders dispute, an acrimonious parting of the ways following a disastrous merger and a very costly legal battle and surviving through a recession, which undoubtedly is not behind us yet.. through it all we have had the support of each other, loyal team members and a regularly returning clientele who have remained stalwart supporters of what we do and how we do it. Recently one of our team members who left a couple of months ago, e mailed me to tell me that she had not been able to settle in her new job as she just couldn’t get to grips with their philosophy and ethos about customers and staff and how they are looked after- she simply said… “it made me realise how special a place TerraVina is and what a hard act it is to follow once you have worked there”.

Sometimes Gerard and I are too close to the action, too embroiled in the daily grind and challenges to realise that TerraVina is indeed special and we have created and nurtured something to be proud of- but it is not about us, it is all about the people we choose to have work with us.

They are the special ones that give their all and work so hard to ensure TerraVina stays special and so this blog is dedicated to them all, along with a heartfelt thank you from us both for their hard work, loyalty and commitment- they are, each and everyone of them hugely appreciated by us both and thank you to them for helping us through what has been to date a challenging year- we’re getting there together!

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