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As those of you who read this blog regularly know I am exceptionally proud of both Gerard and our son Romané… one of them is currently in China and the other is in Paris and so it has been just Malmsey and I home alone which has been fun filled, chaotic and hectic and thank goodness for my parents who have stepped in regularly to take over the reigns when I have been needed unexpectedly for a busy mid week dinner service or for an impromptu, last minute organised sleepover before the Paris trip, in between trips up and down to London for various complicated reasons, thus all in all whilst the boys have been away on heir respective jolly outings it has been as hectic as ever…….hence the lateness in this week’s blog and no blog at all last week in fact!

This week’s blog unashamedly is singing the praises of my two clever chaps…. For Gerard, who has won yet another award… Sharon, the fantastic  lady who helps keep our house organized and us in ironed clothes is exhausted from dusting all the trophies! This fantastic one was the Harpers Award for The Best Ambassador for French Wines and we are all, as always so proud of him and all his achievements. He is an inspiration and never ceases to amaze me with his work ethic and his ability to continue to share his knowledge and expertise with so many others in such a charming and passionate way- well done Gerard.

My other clever chap is Romané who has done brilliantly in his first round of assessments for his GCSE options (can he really already be studying for his GCSEs- where did my baby boy go?) and not only that, but he also gained a Distinction in his recent LAMDA exams- very well done Romy….. he obviously takes after his papa.

As for me- well no pressure living in such a high achieving household….. I’m good at sleepovers and being “mums” taxi, so maybe when they create an award for that I can be in the running.

Till next week, when I will have my chaps home and all will be right with the world


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