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Blog on a Blog- Hotel TerraVina mentions Farm and Countryside Blog with much appreciation…

This week I am blogging about a blog- I read many other blogs not only because they are interesting and often fun and entertaining, but because I am trying to ensure that our own Hotel blog and Malmsey blogs’ aren’t missing a trick or two and are keeping up with blogging trends and remain a good read to those loyal blog readers who “tune in” each week… many thanks by the way for continuing to read my blogs- you are all very kind! I love to receive comments and feedback too so please do type a word or two now and then in the comments box.

However, I digress. Back to other blogs. One of my current favourites is

This is a new blog, written by a friend of mine and whilst that’s a good enough reason to like it, as is the fact that this week she has written the most lovely review about TerraVina, many thanks Sheila, but besides from all those reasons, it is simply a very well written, entertaining and diverse blog about all sorts of aspects of country life and I am loving reading it. Sheila has recently discovered the joys of visiting Country fairs and steam fairs and her descriptions of them made me want to pack a picnic basket and hurry along in a vintage VW camper van… which as I have mentioned camper vans, how sad to hear that yet another relic of a bygone era will soon disappear as the VW van is not going to produced any longer- future generations will have missed a treat, no music festivals will be the same again in years to come!

Enough of reminiscing about Hippy youths, this week the forest has looked never better with glorious rolling mists in the morning only to be dappled in Autumn sunshine by mid afternoon- long and mellow days with the pigs now out and eating their own weight in acorns- I love this time of year in the forest and do hope that the sunshine lingers just a little longer so we can enjoy it for a few more weeks before the win whips into a chill factor and the grey skies arrive to subdue us all just a little bit.

If you haven’t taken advantage of our Autumn mid week offers then do so as they are fantastic value and for those who live close enough to come for lunch don’t forget we are open throughout the week, not just on Sunday lunchtimes and the menu is just as tasty Mon- Sat!

Hope to welcome you all soon

Till next week and many thanks again Sheila for blogging about us


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2 Responses to Blog on a Blog- Hotel TerraVina mentions Farm and Countryside Blog with much appreciation…

  1. sheila says:

    Hi Nina

    Thanks so much for the mention!

    It’s always so easy to write about HTV because it’s such a lovely place!



  2. Thank you, thank you- you are to kind! Love your new farm and countryside blog too.



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