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In recent weeks, we have been very fortunate to have received a number of raving review on all sorts of portals, including (the dreaded) Trip Advisor site and also from various journalists. One such fantastic review was from “BakersBunny”, a well known, Scottish based, food critic, food blogger extraordinaire and all round hotel and restaurant aficionado……http://Offthe Many thanks for such a kind and generous review and the photos look lovely too.

Lately, I have been travelling the length and breadth of the country visiting the sites that we have recently merged with and getting to know the teams at each restaurant. It has been a busy, hectic, but enjoyable, “round the restaurants” trip, but it has meant that during the week, for the past couple of weeks, I have been away from the hotel and only back at weekends- Suzi and team have risen to the occasion magnificently and have proved why we are so very proud of them- they have all been brilliant and ensured that in my absence, TerraVina continues to run smoothly, efficiently and the guests and visiting journalists have all appreciated their attention, care and professionalism- thank you Suzi and everyone- we are very proud of you all and it is great when guests all agree with us that you are a very special team of people…. Just as an aside, I wonder if it is merely a coincidence that so many positive reviews have been written at a time when I am not at the hotel- should I be worried??!!

I am off to spend some quality time with Romané and my mum in the sunshine for a couple of weeks- Gerard is in charge of the hotel, (actually Suzi is in charge, but we are pretending that GB is, so he doesn’t feel left out) the puppy and the washing machine; yes indeed I am very concerned about all of the above, but I am sure he will rise to the occasion and cope magnificently and if he flounders, my dad is on stand by to share puppy duties and washing machine dramas!

I will write next week’s blog with my toes dipped in  the pool and a cocktail by my side so I’m not quite sure how the spelling will be- apologies in advance.

‘Till next week


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