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Celebrations at Hotel TerraVina………and a sense of great pride in some very special people.

Hot on the heels of a previous feature in the Sunday Times two weeks before, when we were noted as one of the top 20 Restaurants with Rooms from around the country, (we were number 4),  on Saturday 9th July, in the Travel section of The Times, in the Cool Hotel Guide, Hotel TerraVina was reviewed. (This feature will be available on the blog very soon). We are absolutely thrilled with the review which included some great comments and some even greater marks, including 9.5 for service and a rating of 9 for the food. The team were praised, the housekeeping was noted as being spotless and overall we could not have wished for better. We have always known we had a great team, we have always been very proud of them, and never more so than on Saturday morning when we read the review. We have always believed that TerraVina wouldn’t be the special place it is without Suzi and her team. Well done Suzi, you have made us very proud and the team are a very special bunch who we are also very proud of- Thank you to you all.

Last week I mentioned that our son Romané had gone away to Mull on a school trip. He has been on numerous trips over the past few years, but this one was the furthest away and the one that had the least home comforts. He arrived home on Friday evening; maybe it’s wishful thinking,  but in the week he has been away it seems he has matured, grown at least 2 inches and suddenly when we collected him at the airport we noticed that he is growing into a very fine young man, who is both confident, charming and charismatic……. As difficult as it is to believe, he isn’t my baby anymore, (where did the years go?), although peeping in whilst he sleeps, curled up, with his hair all tousled on the pillows, it seems just yesterday that he was indeed our baby.

I am very proud of all that we have achieved both with Hotel TerraVina and Hotel du Vin before it; I am extremely proud of our team, but I am most proud of my family. Gerard is an inspiration and Romané is turning into his father’s son and has inherited all of Gerard’s top qualities, including his diplomacy, his charm and his kind heart- thank you ”boys”, you make me very, very proud and Romané, you are our greatest achievement.

Till next week


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  1. Carol says:

    As a mother of sons I’m quite tearful! Many congrats to Suzi & the wonderful team x


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