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Christmas comes but once a year (phew!) and with it a little bit of Christmas cheer here at TerraVina

We recently held one if our ever popular wine dinners and this one was a great success with the charming Michel Drappier, of Drappier Champagne as our guest speaker. His Champagnes were delicious, the food was a great accompaniment to them and the atmosphere was warm and convivial.

During the event a number of our regular guests mentioned that they had missed reading an updated blog- it is true that the regularity of the blog has diminished over recent months. This is not laziness on my part or a lack of interest in writing a blog, it is simply that to be creative I have to be positive, energised and enthusiastic about the subject and on many days I have had “writers block” and had I written an updated blog post it would have been a ranting, cross worded blog about the many challenges that as a small business, struggling in a tricky economy, with ever more powerful competitors snapping at our heels, with curved balls being thrown at us left, right and centre and some tricky guests thrown into the mix- well frankly I simply haven’t felt happy enough to write one and we have been very busy building a new wine team, a new FOH team and we are all simply just a tiny bit frazzled around the edges!

I think just for a moment I had lost my sense of perspective and my “Tracy Sunshine” positive attitude (I do have such a personality it’s just been buried in stress and frustration for so long I’ve forgotten where I left it!). I have been cowed, momentarily by life, but then I sat and took stock…. As some of you may be aware, we are Ambassadors for a local charity, The Rose Road Association. It is the most wonderful place and cares for very special children and their families and put simply it is a truly inspiring place which brings joy, love and care in abundance to those families and children that so need it. We hosted a dinner here at TerraVina and one of the parents spoke about what Rose Road means to his daughter and his family- it was heartbreaking to hear how life can sometimes be so unfair to such innocent children and it bought me up short and made me think I need to “get a grip” and start feeling more enthused and positive and count my blessings of which there are many.

So with that in mind, we have decorated the hotel for Christmas and are looking very festive, bright and sparkly. Our Christmas newsletter has just been sent out, full of festive bonhomie and fantastic offers to tempt you to visit and voila there is even a blog! In case any of you watch BBC 2 and a certain food focused show and think you may have recognised one of the faces competing, indeed you did! It’s our very own Gavin Barnes, Head Chef. We are all glued to the replays (we are all at work when the show is aired) and we wish Gavin and his fellow competitors much luck for the forthcoming weeks. Other team achievements include Alwine, our Head Sommelier passing her Sake Wine exams with distinction and Lucy, our deputy manager passing her Wine and Spirt Education Trust exam too. Well done to them all- we are very proud of you all.

With Christmas fast approaching may I take this opportunity to thank you all for reading the blog, keeping up with our news via Face Book and Twitter and of course for enjoying TerraVina enough to keep on returning. We appreciate your loyalty and enthusiasm for the team and what they do.

With warmest wishes




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