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Christmas Time at Hotel TerraVina- twinkly lights, a sprinkle of glitter and some Christmas cheer

Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes it brings good cheer……it forgets to mention how quickly Christmas seems to come upon us fro one year to the next- no sooner have the decorations been packed away only to be unwrapped again ready to be hung once more. This year it was with some trepidation that we unwrapped the decorations from their boxes as we weren’t sure how many would be in good repair- during the storms earlier in the year we had a huge tree that fell and crushed a number of cars along with the storage shed where the decorations, amongst many other things were kept- the glass baubles were all shattered, the “nodding” reindeer now have slightly squashed legs, but still nod and a few other baubles and trinkets did not survive the weight of the tree upon them….. however, with an assortment of new decs mixed with the salvaged old ones, the hotel is now looking resplendent, with twinkly lights, baubles and icicles hanging from various trees dotted around the place.

I love Christmas and decorating everywhere to make it all look festive- I was able assisted this year by Laura, Suzi and Rebecca with added muscle from Matt, Chris and David and Clive our stoic night porters who were tasked with gathering all the decorations from far and wide around the hotel.

We recently hosted a Winter wedding with Christmas as the theme and the room was transformed into a Winter Wonderland and looked truly beautiful- it’s amazing what magic chair covers, cloths and a very fancy fibre optic curtain can make, coupled with beautiful festive floral arrangements- truly lovely.

And so it is that we are all currently feeling very festive and full of good cheer- as always there have been some hiccups with the rare few guests who are not so embracing of the bonhomie of this time of year, but overall we are blessed with lovely guests who we are thrilled to welcome back time and time again and we thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support of TerraVina- it is hugely appreciated.

I’m off to Romané’s Carol concert, where he is reading a passage from Isaiah and no doubt I will let the side down and have a teary eye as I look on proudly and wonder where my baby boy has gone to be replaced by such a gorgeous, tall and handsome young man instead!

Till next week, when amongst the frantic Xmas shopping, wrapping, tree decorating (at home) and general mayhem that is Christmas I will find the time to write the last blog (probably) of 2013.


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