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Countdown to the BIG Day…excitement grows at Hotel TerraVina, in anticipation for Thursday 20th October

Only a day to go until Gerard is at Windsor Castle collecting his OBE. (Thursday 20th October). The outfits have been pressed, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and packed, (well mine has), I’ve hung GB’s on a hanger! I’ve been wearing my two pairs of shoes around the house to ensure they are comfortable- they aren’t, but they look beautiful so never mind and my hat is sitting in the biggest hat box I have ever seen- I love hats, I’ve got a loft full of them, but this one definitely has the biggest hat box- in fact I’m not sure it will fit in the car boot to be transported to the castle.

We are staying in Windsor the night before the ceremony, (sadly not at Windsor, just nearby), in order to ensure we do not get stuck in a traffic jam on Thursday morning, (imagine the atmosphere in the car if there were delays and we missed the investiture- I think GB would file for divorce!), thus to be on the safe side, we are staying nearby the night before and we have organized a celebratory stay at The Waterside for the night of the ceremony to toast GB’s honour and award.

We are all very excited and whilst we don’t know as yet who will be conducting the investiture, we do know that sadly it will not be the Queen, as she is flying off to Australia the day before, on Wednesday; but it could be Prince Charles or Princess Anne in her place. Whichever Royal it may be, the ceremony and the splendour of it all will ensure lifelong memories of a very special occasion.

I will post a photo of the event, (so you can all admire my hat)  as soon as we have them and will tell you all about it next week.

Till then


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