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Deep Snow, the power of the public and a plea for votes. Hotel TerraVina puts in a request…

We recently arrived back from a short trip to Sweden, where Gerard was a guest speaker at a highly regarded Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science University in Grythyttan, (part of the Orebro University).

Apparently Grythyttan, which is a tiny village, (population approx 900, of which many are students) was the most popular place in Sweden during the 70’s and 80’s when it was the mecca of the rich and famous and Abba were often seen there. Nowadays it is rather more sleepy, but charming and picture postcard pretty…. The day we arrived it looked eerily like we had stepped into a film set, so still and quiet was the place.

We were warmly welcomed and Gerard’s presentation went very well. Many thanks to Mischa Billing and Tobias Nygren for organizing the event and for their fantastic hospitality. It was great to meet so many passionate and enthusiastic students and the university is a very smart and a very forward thinking place for the students to learn their skills.

We had a few days in Stockholm whilst in Sweden, a city that I personally much enjoy and have visited often as one of my very dearest friends live there. As it was mid April and Stockholm had been enjoying early Spring sunshine and relatively mild weather, we didn’t imagine that there would be any snow left, but we were surprised (and Romané was thrilled) that on the Saturday morning we awoke to deep snow! A good excuse for shopping for snow boots and warm clothes- as if an excuse were needed! We had a lovely time exploring the Old Town and the Palace in the snowy conditions and afternoon tea was a very welcome respite from the cold, snowy and windy conditions.

Now back in England, via Paris for GB, we are busy asking all who know and love us to vote for us in the Venus Awards. (predominantly awards that celebrate women in business, although there are a token few males in some categories). I am not keen on soliciting people to vote for us, but we are being encouraged to do so as all of the other nominees will be too, so whilst I am not very competitive, it would be nice to at least give ourselves a chance to do well and garner a few votes along the way. We have been included in two semi finalist categories, Employer of the Year for myself and Hotel TerraVina and Employee of the Year, for our fantastic breakfast supervisor, the very special Pearl Gifford. Voting opened on 16th April and is live for one week only so please, if you feel inclined, please do cast a vote for us in one or both of the categories….. I have also been nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award (I was in the top three last year, so hopefully I can gain a similar place or even better this year), but this is not via public vote, but a panel of judges instead… not sure which is preferred. The results will be announced on 22nd May, so watch this space.

In the meantime, the links for voting are below:


Many thanks again and ‘till next week


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