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Diversity is what makes life at Hotel TerraVina so enjoyable…..

I could never accuse my life of being boring- hectic, frenetic, diverse and exciting yes, but certainly never dull. It seems to me that what I pack into a week is often impressive and by the end of the week I wonder how I stretched the time to fit it all in. This past week is a case in point…..

On Sunday we drove to France to enjoy a night in Boulogne, where Gerard was presented with a prize, Maitre Sommelier, which recognized all of his many achievements and the role he has played as an ambassador of sommeliers- we had a lovely evening with some charming people. Back across the channel on Monday evening ready for meetings all day on Tuesday and dog training for the new puppy… this week was the 1st session and it has to be said that it didn’t quite go to plan or indeed very well. Malmsey doesn’t seem to like meeting other pups in a confined space and certainly made her discomfort known… so much so that we were relegated to a separate, fenced off area of the room and were not allowed to join the other pups, as her behaviour may have traumatized them…. never mind about the puppies, I was in complete trauma after an hour there and my nerves were frazzled to their ends. I felt as if I was a completely irresponsible puppy parent and as though I had been hauled before a headmistress…… one of the trainers in particular obviously preferred (well behaved) dogs to humans and so obviously had little time for either Malmsey or me….. however, I am determined to crack the issue and will go back to try again next week and if not I have the number of a great dog behavourist and a counselor for me!

The rest of the week has flown by with meetings, lots of driving back and to between 10in8 restaurants, visits to the vet, (the puppy has got over one infection only to catch another)… I feel like a very harassed new mother at the moment, teetering on the verge of losing the plot as time just seems to be slipping away. Added into the mix is helping to organise a funeral for my beloved grandmother- It would seem that it’s not convenient to pass away over a Bank Holiday as everything seems to take much longer to be organized and agreed- however the date has now been set for Monday and so at last she will be laid to rest in peace.

A busy weekend lies ahead with a full hotel, full restaurant and a Rose Road Charity wine dinner that we are hosting on Sunday evening, which will be lovely and which will hopefully raise some much needed funds for our chosen charity, Rose Road, based in Southampton- we are offering the proceeds of the evening to Rose Road as part of our annual contribution to them….. I have to say that when you visit the association and meet the children and wonderful staff who care for them it puts things in perspective and makes my grumbles about lack of time and being too busy pale into insignificance and the puppy training debacle seem merely a hiccup.

Till next week


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