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Exciting News from Hotel TerraVina- Mergers and New Arrivals…

At last we can divulge some very exciting news which has been very hard to keep a secret. We are delighted to tell all of our blog followers that we have merged the hotel with 10in8, The Fine Dining Group, (comprising The 10in8 Collection of restaurants: L’Ortolan, La Bécasse, Paris House and The Angel) founded by famous Michelin star chef Alan Murchison.

Alan Murchison and Gerard have been friends for a number of years.  We all feel that there is great synergy between both companies.  Our aim is to continue the expansion plans of 10in8 together, with the exciting development of The Fine Dining Academy, as well as the creation of a world class Cookery and Wine School.

I will now officially become Gerard’s boss, (most people already knew I was anyway!), as I am becoming the Managing Director of the Group- a busy and fulfilling role for me to take on board and I am relishing the challenge.

Gerard and I and the whole TerraVina team are delighted to join forces with Alan, Richard and their team. This merger will open up many great opportunities for the talented teams that already exist in both businesses. They will all play a vital role in the development of the group and we are delighted for them as well as for us.

As some of you may remember, we have already worked with 10in8 informally on a couple of joint projects, (Our Michelin “pop-up” being the most recent one) and it was clear that the mix of Gerard’s wine skills when combined with Alan’s culinary expertise created a potent mix of talent and of course it means that Suzi, Chris and Sophie will be able to take charge without me interfering quite so often, (at long last I hear them say!)

In addition to all of that excitement, Gerard, Romané and I have become the new family for the most adorable puppy…. We were supposed to go on Sunday to choose a puppy, which would be ready for us to have at home with us in 5 weeks time. However, when we got there, although the pups were lovely, we fell in love with a slightly older one, who was 12 weeks old and she ended up coming home with us then and there, (after an interview and at least 2 hours of being observed with her). Of course, I had nothing ready for a new pup as everything had been ordered and planned for an arrival 5 weeks hence….

However we are managing very well and she has settled in beautifully. She is a Boxer and her name is Malmsey and whilst she will never replace our gorgeous dog, Merlot, who we lost 2 years ago, at 12 years old, she will be a very welcome addition to the family and we are all completely in love with her- she is simply adorable and the house feels right once more with a dog living with us.

Malmsey has already proved she is a well behaved pup and a people friendly dog as on the first day we had her she sat in on the final merger meeting and behaved beautifully

Till next week


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