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Now, before I begin to describe the week of calamities that we have endured, I must stress that these mishaps do actually happen- they are not dreamed up to make life here at TerraVina seem more exciting, but just occur on an almost week to week basis- the latest have been a roll top bath that somehow had detached itself from the waste water pipe….. who knows how, but on investigation the bath had moved by at least 6 inches; not an easy feat with a bath of such weight. The ensuing flood was “managed” by Gerard….. which translates into him calling me urgently on my mobile, explaining what had happened and me talking him through step by step instructions as to how to stop the water from continuing to flow out into the room and the room below (put the plug in), empty the water from the bath, (but not by taking the plug out again!) How then he asked? With a bucket and wait for the cavalry to arrive, aka my long suffering dad who gets called in for all sorts of emergencies and panics- Gerard is undoubtedly a marvel when it comes to wine knowledge and wine service, but baths and water are not his speciality!

No sooner was that problem solved, complete with moving the guest who’s room had flooded, mopping up the mess, re-attaching the bath to the pipe and investigating how it ever happened in the first place then we headed straight on into the next calamity. This time a guest hairdryer that overheated and set off our ultra sensitive, state of the art fire alarm system- it was first thing in the morning, just before sleepy guests emerged for breakfast…instead they had to bundle out of the door to the evacuation point. It was soon checked and deemed to have been a false alarm and guests were able to re-enter the hotel and then all arrive down for breakfast, but not before one of our chefs had reacted (wrongly) to the alarm and instead of remembering the gas shut off automatically as soon as the alarm sounds, he hit the nearest button, believing it to be the emergency gas shut off, (just in case) but it was actually the fire suppression system button and so he and the kitchen were covered in fire suppressing foam substance (thank goodness it was our pastry kitchen which was smothered and not the main kitchen where breakfast was cooking- I can’t tell you how many hours it takes to remove so many suds and bubbles!

You see I couldn’t even make up the dramas we have here, even if I had a great imagination and as for chefs, well they and their staff accommodation are another story for another week!

Hopefully some of you saw my friend Liese on last week’s Three in a Bed TV show- I thought she came across very well; funny, natural, kind and her business showcased well… well done Liese.

Till next week


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