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Gerard talks “Wine and Fashion” in the New Forest at Hotel TerraVina….

As much as I love my darling husband, it has to be said that his fashion sense is sometimes not as good as it might be. Thus imagine my surprise when Gerard was invited to “star” in a video all about Paris Fashion Week and talk about his selection of wines to match fashionable designers who are all well known and highly talented “Fashionistas”….. obviously I knew he wouldn’t fail on the wine front but the fashion bit made me uneasy!

However, I shouldn’t have worried, as he knew each of the designers that he had to match the wines to and it makes for an entertaining video… see below:

Download link

So, in future I shouldn’t worry so much about matching his socks, packing his suitcase with shirts, ties and socks all folded together inside the best trouser/jacket combos… or perhaps I will, as having let him loose in the wardrobe today, he dressed himself in an interesting combination of every clashing colour possible!

Talking of colours… sometimes I surprise myself with how I seamlessly segue topics together, (anyone would think that this blog is actually prepared and planned). Anyway back to colours, for those who love the Autumn as much as I do, then hurry to the New Forest as the leaves are already turning and the colours are stunning with a wide array of Autumnal hues which are so pretty. Exbury is looking beautiful, the forest never better in its russet and golden mellowness and we have some fantastic mid week October breaks to entice you still further, complete with a glass of Sherry and a selection of tasty TapaVinas.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon and before I go I must just congratulate Ana and the wine team as they have won a prize for the “31 Days of Riesling” campaign that we ran in July. Ana spearheaded it and ensured we matched food and wine combinations with delicious Riesling wines whenever we were able to- the campaign was a big success and Ana won £1,000 worth of Riesling wine for the hotel- well done Ana and team

Till next week


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