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Hello again- Hotel TerraVina is back writing the blog…

For those who follow my blog on a weekly basis you will have noticed that there has been a two week lapse…. I would like to excuse the lack of x2 blogs by saying I have been relaxing somewhere hot and sunny, but sadly this is not the case as the only reason that there have been two weeks missing is because time ran away and despite the clocks going back I seem to have lost two weeks and don’t have a clue where the days went.

Currently there are so many plates spinning in the air that I feel like shouting- “STOP”… I’d quite like to jump off the merry-go-round. However, I can’t spare the time so onwards and upwards for the time being at least.

I cannot even recount the last two weeks events…. Not because they are top secret but rather because I can’t remember all of the exciting details as the days rushed by in such a fast pace. However some positive highlights, (unfortunately, there have been plenty less exciting and more stressful moments too), but back to the positive….. we have a new kitchen team, headed in the main restaurant by Lewis King and a new Executive chef, George Blogg who will head up the new Dining Room at TerraVina, which will be our finer dining restaurant, open from mid December on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening for dinner only.

Lewis replaces Neil Cooper who has left for new adventures including the possibility of opening a restaurant of his own… as is often the way, many of the team have followed Neil and are scattering to other restaurants around and about and one of our favourites, Dan is taking a sabbatical and training as a carpenter, but he promises to return to us in December, for what we hope is a long while, but certainly won’t be until the early New Year at least.

Lewis arrives to us from The Black Bull in Cambridge and George has been poached (there are advantages in being the MD of the company!) from 10in8 Fine Dining Group, where he has been with us for the past 8 months, having previously been the sous chef at the much acclaimed, Michelin 2 starred, Champignon Sauvage Restaurant… we are thrilled to welcome both George and Lewis and the rest of the new team.

Please keep an eye out for further details on the exciting developments that are planned  and we promise to keep you all posted via the blog, the website, Twitter and Facebook and of course personally when we welcome you back in future weeks and months

As always thank you for reading the blog- we appreciate your interest, support and enthusiasm for all that we do

Till next week


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