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Hello – Hotel TerraVina blog is back…sorry for the radio silence…I am back and raring to go!

What a fantastic summer we are having with glorious sunshine and lazy days. Our guests are loving the pool and enjoying all the treats and treasures the forest holds. The reason for my further couple of weeks of “radio silence” are easily explained, I defected to another county and relished in the delights of the North Norfolk coastline and had a staycation. I haven’t holidayed in the UK for far too long and I have to say that when the sunshines why bother to fly away?

Romané, (our son), was in Norfolk for two weeks on an adventure and as its soooo far away, especially when the M25 closes down, which it did for 8 hours or more on the return journey, that I decided to stay and hired a cottage. Malmsey came too and had a ball. I met up with two of my very best friends and we had a sort of giggly girls style (I know that being in our 40’s rather than only in our 30’s, we are too old to be girls, but we felt so carefree that we kidded ourselves the title still fits!) few days together which was just blissful and so much fun. My lovely husband was in California for a bit of my trip and then managed the hotel in my absence… well Suzi and the team managed the hotel brilliantly and Gerard was there too.

Then following the dreadfully long and never ending journey home due to aforesaid closure of the motorway, I arrived home late last Friday night to Gerard stating that he too wanted a piece of the holiday action and could I find a trip to leave on Monday and return on the 26th as he was flying to China on the 27th! Well I love a challenge and so, with the hotel’s lovely annual Summer party in between on the Sunday, a great success and thank you so much to all those who came, had fun and shared their love of the place with us all, by last Monday, via a flight from Southampton, so much better than having to travel to a London airport, by 11am we were sitting poolside in sunny Portugal.

We arrived home late last night with deep tans and in glowing health only for me to swap Gerard’s suitcase and wave him off to China. In our absence the team were as always brilliant and ran the hotel superbly. The guests were all super friendly and super happy to be enjoying the sunshine and the forest and as for me, I came straight home and re-booked the cottage in Norfolk for next year and a re-run of the fun filled time we all so relished. Friends duly notified to keep the dates free!

I hope the last of the summer days are filled with lots of sunshine and pleasure for you all and please do think of TerraVina for a little R&R if the time and mood takes you as we have some especially super mid week offers now and then and we always love welcoming you all back.

Till next week


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