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High Street Pain worsens as does hotel industry pain too

This morning it was announced that HMV, a High Street institution for over 90 years has called in the administrators. This news being hot on  the heels of the news of Jessops closing all of their stores. Both stores employ thousands of people and the fallout from just these two company closures will be grave. Undoubtedly and unfortunately, there will still be more, further gloomy news to follow regarding other High Street companies who simply cannot compete with on line retailers who’s overheads are so much less and who’s profit margins are thus so much healthier that they can afford to do deals for the customers.

Which leads me onto hotels… only a couple of years ago if you created a special offer that was great value for money the phone rang off the hook, bookings soared and guests were very appreciative of the value they were being offered for just a snapshot in time… nowadays we are bombarded with special offers- Travel Zoo, Secret Escapes, Late, Hotels Direct, KGB Deals, Wowcher, Trivago to name just a tiny few. Then of course there are each hotels own competitors all trying to out do each others good value special rates and discounts… it’s a “dog eat dog” world now and one that is not a very happy place to be- it’s become a jungle of consumers wanting more and more and hotels shaving off more and more from their prices until their product has become undermined and devalued… where will it all end? It is a sorry state of affairs and as hoteliers it is a game that we are not comfortable to play, but we are somewhat forced to by market demands.

Whilst I still think that the hospitality business is a great industry to be involved in I’m not sure that  being an hotelier is all it’s cracked up to be; nor for that matter a shop keeper or small business owner of any type- in fact being entrepreneurial in any shape or form seems to be frowned upon and stifled by the red tape and bureaucracy that is rife in so many countries and is no different in the UK- roll on retirement, although with the age of that being constantly upped who knows when that might be!  Never mind, I have a plan…. If we think positive and stay focused with a “can do” attitude we can think ourselves out of the doom and gloom and watch the green shoots grow. Roll on the Springtime and some sunshine instead of the snow.

Till next week


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6 Responses to High Street Pain worsens as does hotel industry pain too

  1. Oh how I agree with you Nina on many fronts! We’re going to end up with substandard service across the board due to this unrelenting (and unsustainable) demand for more and more (for less and less).

    It’s incredibly difficult though – I spotted a camera I loved in Jessops for around £440 in store. It was available online for £296. The deal was impossible to dismiss and resist.

    I love your honesty here re: the hospitality industry – many folks I’ve conversed with claim that “nothing has changed” Oh boy it has. I’m living in Cyprus now. Great climate, less nanny state and less tax!!


  2. Hi Karen

    Great to hear from you and envious of the new life in Cyprus… glad you empathised with some of the blog points… it’s frightening to think where it’s all going to end.

    Thank you for following the blog and enjoy the sunshine in Cyprus.




  3. Karen H says:

    Hi Nina,

    So true! Sadly most professions do have so much regulation & red tape that it can distract from the real aim of looking after the customers.

    I agree with Karen – it must be hard for those companies who are selling gadgets. (I too confess to seeing something I store and buying more cheaper from an online retailer… Sorry!)

    I have faith that those firms at the top of their game, in terms of providing excellent service to clients, will weather the storm. I hope that means that my little firm continues to be safe and am sure that TerraVina’s very satisfied guests will continue to see it go from strength to strength!

    Karen (a very satisfied guest!)


  4. Trena says:

    “High Street Pain worsens as does hotel industry pain too | TerraVina Blog”
    truly makes myself contemplate a small amount extra.

    I personally enjoyed every individual part of this post.
    Thanks for your effort ,Keira


  5. Thank you

    Kind regards



  6. Many thanks for your kind comments
    Kind regards


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