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Home to TerraVina and the joys of summer…

We are home again following a lovely relaxing holiday, full of friends, sunshine and fun. Gerard is now also back from his fantastic trip to New Zealand, where he was hosted spectacularly by many varied vineyards, where the wines were delicious, the food great and the weather- freezing! In fact he has arrived home ill and is nursing his cough/cold in bed (but he is being brave and is a good patient).

As it is the school holidays I am juggling (with the tremendous help of my parents) Romané’s holiday, with trying to be at the hotel and spend time with him too and so yesterday we went to Goodwood (not Gerard, he flew in from his trip and went straight to bed). Now, I am the first to admit that I LOVE shoes, handbags and hats, even more than I love clothes and jewels, thus I always love the summery occasions that allow for such finery to be worn…. My Goodwood hat was the most vivid lime green and had the widest brim I could find, in fact I couldn’t get through some of the doorways- I attracted much attention from every green fly, wasp and flying insect and they all chose to land on me. A great day was had by all and we even came home with some winnings!

Tuesday has been my first “proper” day back to the hotel and I met up with a truly inspiring woman, who is researching her chosen subject, (Women in Leadership) for a degree and doctorate. She was charming and having herself been involved in the hospitality industry for a number of years, before branching into Facilities Management within the NHS, it was lovely to meet her and discuss so many aspects of this fascinating industry. I was inspired by her- she has a great appetite for learning, research and exploring people and their psyche; she made the whole subject matter very interesting and thought provoking. In my opinion, she is an asset to industry and her paper will make very intuitive reading and I hope it is published and read widely, as it deserves to be used as a marker for future generations of women who are embarking on their careers.

The rest of the week is busy and exciting and it is nice to know that Gerard is now home and we will be back at TerraVina together for a while before he is off travelling again. Huge thanks to Suzi and the team for looking after the hotel so well in our absence- you are all stars…. Well done!

Till next week


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2 Responses to Home to TerraVina and the joys of summer…

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Nina

    Well I think we need to see a picture of your hat! It sounds fabulous and I am most def a hat person!

    Best wishes



  2. Hello Ann

    Sadly no photos as I shy away from having any photos taken as I always look awful in them! But the hat was majestic and claimed many comments at Goodwood for how impressive it was.

    Have a lovely summer and see you soon
    Warmest wishes



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