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Hotel TerraVina continues to enjoy the September sunshine and basks in the forest beauty

Having been away for a number of weeks and now arrived home I am seeing the forest with a fresher pair of eyes and my, what a beauty she is. Of course the glorious sunshine is helping and the fact that the sun continues to blaze in early September is just a real treat for us all.

Recently I was dog walking in the forest and as I reached the brow of the hill, as far and wide as the eye could see, stretched out before me was the most breathtaking forest vista. There was a herd of cows grazing, forest ponies ambling along and a stream babbling- it was truly picturesque and it made me realize how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful county as Hampshire and more especially to have the New Forest on our doorstep. Malmsey and I, along with Gerard and Romy had fun paddling in the stream and then walked for many a mile through the forest and enjoyed the dappled sunshine- it was the perfect last day of the school holidays.

Returning to school always makes me feel wistful- I love having Romy at home and we have had a particularly enjoyable summer together. This morning on the way home from dropping him off to school, the local infants school had also just started back and all the tiny tots were running in with their lunchboxes in hand, smart new, shiny shoes, uniforms just slightly too big for them and raucous shouts of excitement for the day that lay ahead……. Lovely to witness, but still there’s a part of me that wishes the summer holidays were just a few weeks longer so that I could selfishly enjoy my “baby’s” company for a few more precious weeks… instead Malmsey and I have had a day together and both of us are watching the clock until school pick up time and we will have him home again! You’d think that as he’s now in Year 10, I would be used to him going to school by now!

Enjoy the continued sunshine and all the good humour it brings with it- it’s so much nicer when the sun shines as everyone is kinder and considerate to one another.

Till next week


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