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Hotel TerraVina goes back to school and then to prison!

Back to school…

It has been an interesting week thus far and it is only Tuesday. I have been on a course to learn all about the finer details of Facebook, Twitter, blogging and social media in general. I learnt so many facts about Google, Algorithims, (really, I promise it is a word!) and Search Engine Optimisation that my head was fit to burst by the end of the course. It was all very interesting, hugely thought provoking and all in all a great training day, but I am very pleased I am not still at school, as so much learning in one day really did make my brain hurt… maybe I am just out of practice. Many thanks to Intergage for putting the course together, the NFTA for organizing it and to Careys Manor Hotel for playing host so well.

Whilst on the subject of school, Romané, (our son), has been busy with exams and scholarships in anticipation for his next school… we just heard to today that he has passed his entrance exams with flying colours and has been awarded a place at his chosen school- we have just got to wait a little longer for the outcome of the scholarship exam. We are very proud of him and he is pleased as punch…. Well done Romy!

And so for the 2nd part of this weeks adventures…..

Gerard went to prison (again)

Some of you may remember a previous blog post when I mentioned that GB and I had visited Highdown Prison in Surrey, which is the only prison in the UK to have a restaurant which is open to the public, The Clink and where they are doing an admirable job in trying to ensure that prisoners gain qualifications that will help them on their release and hopefully ensure that they do not re-offend. On this visit GB was taking a training session, where he was explaining all about wine and how to open it, pour and serve it, which wines accompany which foods best and generally the finer points of wine service. Of course alcohol is forbidden within the prison, so the session made good use of non alcoholic wines. The students were very interested, attentive and asked lots of questions- it was a great experience for both they and GB and the work that Al, Chris, Vic and the team are doing should be applauded.

Just a quick reminder about our extra special Michelin event at the end of February, beginning of March- places are very limited and are selling fast so please do book soon if you fancy a really special food and wine treat.

Till next week


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2 Responses to Hotel TerraVina goes back to school and then to prison!

  1. Julio says:

    Fine insights! I have already been seeking something such as this for a time now. Appreciation!


  2. You are very welcome. Thank you for reading the blog



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