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Hotel TerraVina has breakfast with Reggie and Ruby the Rhinos at Rose Road Business Breakfast….

On Tuesday, Gerard and I had the most fun morning. We are both ambassadors of the Rose Road Association, an amazing, Hampshire based charity that the hotel adopted as their own in 2007.  We are very pleased and proud to be associated with them and love working closely with them on their various projects.

Thus, on Tuesday, Gerard and I attended a Rose Road business breakfast hosted by Geoff Holt, MBE, another Ambassador of the charity. I was invited to be one of the three guests speakers and so Geoff, I and a very well known local business man, Paul Murray all spoke about what it is to be involved with Rose Road, how we became involved and why we remain involved. Paul and Geoff have been associated with Rose Road for many, many years and in Pauls case that’s over 22 years and counting. There was an impressive turnout, especially as the bacon sandwiches were served from 7.15am- over 50 odd bright eyed business people all lending their support to such a worthy charity- Brilliant and many thanks to all those who attended. In the audience were two very special guests, Reggie and Ruby the Rhinos…. No I wasn’t still asleep and dreaming, there really were Rhinos in the room!

Let me explain.

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Marwell Wildlife is bringing Go! Rhinos, a world class mass public art event, to the streets and parks of Southampton.

For 10 weeks throughout the summer of 2013, rhino sculptures will inhabit the streets of Southampton, showcasing the wealth of artistic talent in the area, while highlighting the significant conservation threat facing wild rhinos and how the Southampton business community can make a difference. For more info on this brilliant initiative see and so it was that Reggie and Ruby “crashed” the breakfast meeting and stole the show! Do keep an eye out as it won’t be just when you venture to the zoo that you might meet a Rhino, albeit a brightly coloured, painted version.

As the weather has been so unpredictable we thought we would be a little “mad” too and so for the rest of March and all of April (excluding weekends, Easter and any other Bank Holidays) we have created a mid week offer which is simply too good to miss,

So don’t delay, book to visit us soon and watch out for the Rhinos!

Till next week


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