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Hotel TerraVina hotel owner admits to being a “Grumpy Old Woman”

It’s official, what those nearest and dearest to me have always known, I have this week finally admitted to myself- I am a “grumpy old woman”, albeit only temporarily.

Yes it was my birthday this week, but that’s not why I am grumpy as actually I thought I was a year older than I actually am, so truly this year I have gone backwards in age! No, what is making me grumpy are people and companies who I have had recent dealings with and their acceptance that the service they provide is ok to be merely adequate and mediocre. It’s acceptable to have to chase them. It’s normal to have to have them back to fix a fault at least 3 times over, it’s usual for new equipment to go wrong after only a couple of weeks- really…. Well No, No it isn’t…… have you ever seen the film Falling Down with Michael Douglas when the world just gets too much for him in terms of people’s behaviour, arrogance and rudeness to each other- well that’s me this week, but without the action stunts and the gun!

I won’t name and shame, but needless to say that I have had cause to complain, get cross and then angry and then furious, on so many different occasions this week and I’m normally so placid and non confrontational, but this week my blood pressure has had cause to soar. In fact as I type this I have steam coming out of my ears at the injustice of someone’s rudeness to one of our team- it’s so unnecessary and bearing in mind how much in the spotlight we are under working within the service industry, you would think that those in a similar or even the same industry, would know better and be a little bit more supportive of their colleagues and peers instead of wanting to be so arrogant and rude to them.

I am having a raging moment which is lasting all week.  So far what’s bugged me are…. People who don’t say thank you when you let them out at a junction, idiots who don’t read their e mails properly and leave you for hours worrying about something because they have misunderstood and given you the wrong information and then when they realize their error merely say “sorry, I‘ll have to be more careful, hope it didn’t cause to much inconvenience”- well Yes actually it did and a lot of worry and concern too and then there’s the chap who behaves in  the most arrogant and impolite manner and really makes himself look an absolute idiot and who should know better as he works in hospitality, but didn’t have an ounce of good manners- well he’s not welcome back!

Do you get the feeling I’m still angry- too right I am and whilst I hate to rant, currently all the deep breaths and counting to 100 are to no avail as I’m still furious with all sorts of people and they know who they are!

Thus in an effort to calm down, I have locked myself in a room and I am visualizing calm and happy thoughts whilst typing this week’s blog— not working yet! I’m leaving KEEP OUT on the door.

Till next week when hopefully balance will be restored and I will be back to my usual calm, serene, easy going self- Gerard tells me he’d like to meet that version of me as he has never had the pleasure to do so yet!


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