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Hotel TerraVina is in a reflective mood…it must be the sunshine!

Apologies there was no blog last week- this was due to a technology hiccup… I haven’t a clue what it was except that the IT whizz told me the blog had been corrupted!! I can’t imagine why anyone would want to corrupt the hotel blog but there we are… anyhow he has fiddled with the bells, whistles and knobs that make it all work and voila we are back on track.

Last week and this have been memorable for all the right reasons… great guests, successful events, happy and well behaved children, sunny days, al fresco dining and great service from our suppliers AND Romané, our son has done exceptionally well in his school exams. Gerard and I are very proud of him and all the hard work that he has persisted in.

I have been in reflective mood… it must be the sunshine making me feel all warm, fuzzy and nice. Most of the time, life is a rollercoaster of situations, dramas and crisis, adventures, excitement and joy. You never know quite what one day to the next is going to serve up in terms of scenarios which is what, I suppose, makes it all exciting, but one thing we should never forget nor take for granted, is that every day is unique and should be as special as possible, even when they are not such happy or good days… they cannot be relived and even an ordinary day is worth celebrating. We can’t rewind, playback, freeze the moments in time and air brush the bits we didn’t like out. Real life doesn’t quite work like that and whilst it’s a life long lesson to learn, it is very true when people who have looked terrible times, death and adversity in the eye, tell you to live each day as if it’s your last, never take a day for granted and treat each one as unique… if only we could all be wise enough to remember that more often than we rarely do.

It’s not often I take a moment to reflect- usually I am too busy to have a moment to spare, (or think I am) juggling being a mum, wife, hotelier, friend and dog walker, but when you do, it is telling how much we take for granted and how our work life balances are mostly completely off kilter…. Thus I am making a mid year resolution, (I never bother with New Year ones), and that is to treasure each day a little bit more than I do at present and stretch out each one to get the best from it as it will not be the same tomorrow.

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