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Hotel TerraVina is pleased to announce…….

We have exciting news to share, after a number of months deliberation, (or should that read dithering!) our Head Sommelier and guest’s favourite, Laura Rhys has decided to stay with us. We are very pleased that she is remaining as she has been with us since the start and we would have sorely missed her. She has a new, charming assistant, Ana, who has joined us following Laurent’s move to Nottingham. Neil Cooper, our award winning sous chef, has been promoted to Head Chef, as Alan has left us for a new adventure, where we wish him well. We have appointed a new sous chef, Gavin Sendon, who we are looking forward to welcoming into the team and with the departure of Tom, our previous graduate trainee, (good luck with the next year’s course), we have some new graduate trainees joining us for their (almost) year’s work placements- thus there will be some new faces, and of course all of the many familiar members of the team who have been with us since the beginning, or who have joined as the year’s have passed, but remain with us and loyal to TerraVina.

On the subject of loyalty………

Friendships are fragile and shouldn’t be taken for granted, but sadly, now and then, none of us take enough care of them and some fall by the wayside due to a lack of attention or care.   They can still have been important friendships of their time, but just not there for the longevity. However, now and then friendships can be tested.  Sometimes you cannot see a way back to the easy friendship that was  once shared……… the disappointing part being that many precious, happy moments and many challenging ones too, have been shared and it is sad to think there will be no more in the year’s to come. The most hurtful bit is that a special friendship can be so carelessly discarded, all because of thoughtlessness and a struggle for power and recognition. (just in case you wonder, the inspiration for this bit does not concern anyone working at or who is directly involved with Hotel TerraVina)

But I would prefer to end on a positive note……….. thank you to all who read this blog… I have been on a Social Media training course recently and it was suggested that I should incorporate lists, bullet points, sub headings and even images to draw the eye and make it more interesting- please do let me know if you would like me to add in such details and it’s always great to receive comments so don’t be shy- add a comment and I promise I will reply!

Till next week


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5 Responses to Hotel TerraVina is pleased to announce…….

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Nina

    Very pleased that Laura will be with you for a while longer.

    I thought blogs are meant to be informative but informal/chatty (but well written – like yours!) and not too long. Incorporating lists, bullet points, sub headings and images could make them too long. I read several wine related blogs and when images are used (video or photographs) they do add to the “message” – it all depends. Blogs can also show the personality of the writer – when i read your blog I hear and see you – are you a list and bullet point person?!

    I will continue reading with interest!

    In passing can Gerard take reflected glory from Johann’s success (at last)?

    Look forward to seeing everyone at June dinner.



    • Hello Richard

      Thank you for your great comments- I don’t really do lists- I start them and then lose them, so I think I will just keep writing the blog in it’s usual chatty style and hope that some people continue to like it.
      Great news indeed both about Laura and Yohann.

      Look forward to seeing you and Josh soon
      With love

      Nina x


  2. Friendship is a love for the person without expectation! No room for egos or keeping score! But fragile delicate and precious they are – thank you for reminding us that we should pay attention to be the friend to those we love that we have always wanted and where we have the insight and permission be the friend they need!


  3. Hello NIck

    What very wise words indeed!Thank you for yuor friendship to both of us

    N and G x


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