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Hotel TerraVina is thinking of everyone affected by the riots…

I am not particularly political. I vote in each election and bemoan some of the decisions made by every Government. However, I am compelled to comment on the current situation that some parts of the country are being so badly affected by. The riots are deplorable and show the lawlessness that has crept into our society. There is no excuse for such acts of mindless violence and criminality and our thoughts are with all those people who have been so badly affected, be it in terms of their homes or businesses which have been damaged by such thuggery.

There have even been looters and gang attacks storming hotels and demanding the jewels and belongings of frightened hotel guests….. This morning I was watching a report and they mentioned the Reeves family who’s 5th generation furniture store had been burned to the ground in Croydon and another lady who’s small business in Ealing had been ransacked. Watching the news reels it is as if it is a film- too surreal to be real life, but sadly it is reality.

I am sure it is not an easy task to either police such violence or to control the gangs easily but perhaps Army troops, water cannon and rubber bullets would be a good start….. although of course the human right activists would condemn the Government’s actions. Where’s Maggie Thatcher when she’s needed? She would stop them in their tracks with a mere glacial gaze and a swipe of her handbag- let’s hope that all parties can come together and be brave in the face of  the lawless criminal gangs. Of course we should observe human rights, but the rights of all need to be considered, including those people who have lost their homes and livelihoods, who pay their taxes and try to earn a honest living. Our sympathies are with them all.

In the hope that this time next week the riots are a horrible memory and a salutary lesson to those who govern us….. till next week


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