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Hotel TerraVina loses a week….

Every week just before my Wednesday deadline I write my next blog and post it… I have been doing this religiously now for nearly 2 and a half years. Each Wednesday used to come round with relative speed but this week, I’m not quite sure what happened. One day it was Wednesday and then today was Friday. Did I sleep round the clock and miss Wednesday and Thursday? Where did the past week go?

Alarmed that I seem to be losing chunks of time at an alarming rate, I thought I would back track and double check:

Monday was a blur of meetings, dentist appointment for Romané before going back to school, school uniform fittings and general going back to school activities. Team building and development meeting ended the day.

Tuesday was a blur of back to back meetings, cinema trip (Batman The Dark Knight Rises- I didn’t fall asleep which is what usually happens when Romy and I go to the cinema! It’s not the quality of the films, rather that the rarity of sitting still is so novel it relaxes me into a slumber)

Wednesday up early on the road and off to The Bear in Woodstock for back to back meetings- home for dinner by 7.30pm and then on switching on my laptop I lost the will to live as all of the e mails that had accumulated over the day (no signal in Woodstock) needed to be actioned- all 100 plus of them

Thursday rude awakening at 6am as it was new school start day. Flurry of activity and excitement and nerves for mum but thrill for Romy. He had a brilliant day, but I didn’t get to collect him or go to the 1st parents event at school to meet the teachers, as GB and I were in London at The Innholders Hall in the City- opposite the church were Dick Whittington is buried (as is his cat- they found the skeleton of a cat to prove it). GB was making an after dinner speech to an illustrious group of elite hoteliers, all of whom are Master Innholders – it was an honour to be invited and to be in the same room as some of the iconic figures of our industry and it really was a roll call of impressive names and personalities. Home in the wee small hours and oh joy, the alarm clock at 6am again… I am sure I didn’t even get to go to sleep

And thus it’s Friday – I still am playing catch up with e mails and my to do list.. so long now it’s more of a novel than a list. The day has been crammed full of meetings, interviews, urgent actions and team conferences. School pick up, after school swimming and then back to the hotel for dinner with some lovely hotel friends

Thus another week has flown by and I’m not sure where the days went- work life balance is my new buzz word, if only I knew which bit to balance first. We are off to see Lady Gaga tomorrow night and frankly at this moment I feel a bit gaga too!

Apologies for the late posting but the days juggled themselves into a bit of a blur. I’m hoping to do better next week as my school report should read.


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2 Responses to Hotel TerraVina loses a week….

  1. Sarah Whitemore says:

    Hi Nina

    I know that feeling alright. Oh and we’re off to see Lady Gaga tonight as well – might see you there!



  2. Hi Sarah

    Hope you enjoyed Lady Gaga- I though she was amazing. The cosimes were incredible and doesn’t she have a fantastic voice and wow can she play the piano too! Brillaint show. Many thanks for reading my blog regularly. Much appreciated


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