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Hotel TerraVina realizes what a precious commodity time is…

I am sorry that I missed writing a blog last Wednesday. My week unraveled and didn’t go to plan, to the point that I needed to juggle so many “balls” in the air all at once, that last week’s blog update was a “ball” that slipped out of my hands. This week has not started very much better. On Monday, I was at a place where mobile phones were strictly forbidden ….. but I had to be accessible to important and in some cases, urgent messages and so I had to flout the rules and text, e mail and whisper into my phone, whilst hiding behind trees, lurking around corners and generally acting furtively so as not to get caught. On days such as these, how I remember fondly the heady era of pre-mobile phones, laptops, i-phones and the like, when our time was our own, when we went to work, came home again and relaxed safe in the knowledge that we weren’t “on call” 24/7 and that once home we were off duty… not so in today’s fast paced and hectic world.

Time is very precious and it’s not until we don’t have enough of it to enjoy the important things in life, that we realize just how precious it is. I read a quotation recently that stated …… “Time is precious and so waste it wisely”, how true. At the moment, if only I had some time I would indeed relish wasting it wisely.

However, another day will bring a further 24 hours to get things done and so looking on the bright side, each new day brings potential new beginnings, new opportunities and new challenges. Life is an exciting rollercoaster…. If only there were 25 hours in a day all would be good!

Till next week


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2 Responses to Hotel TerraVina realizes what a precious commodity time is…

  1. Jan Henly says:

    Your hotel sounds and looks fantastic, a very interesting read. Again well done, you still look the same! x


  2. Hi Jan

    Bless you! Not sure I look the same close up but the photo isbeing kind. Lovey to be in touch again many thanks for yuor kind praise and words.

    Come and see us sometime soon


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