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Hotel TerraVina receives much support and comment from fellow hoteliers….

Following on from last week’s blog, when I discussed review sites, I have been inundated with comments from guests, fellow hoteliers, journalists and people in general, all in agreeance with what I had to say. I was surprised that the blog itself didn’t record many comments, but instead, people e mailed me directly, called me and mentioned it during their stay- I have to admit I didn’t realise so many people followed my weekly blog- many thanks to you all. I am hoping that there may be some follow up articles that lead from it and hopefully it will have made people think……….

On a more fluffy note, an update on my outfit for the investiture at Windsor Castle……….. it’s all sorted! For those of you who know me well you won’t be surprised to read that it’s bright coloured, in fact it is a tone of my favourite colour……..No,  not pink, although I do like pink, but orange! Actually it’s deep coral to be precise, so not quite TerraVina’s trademark colouring, but not far off. I have of course had to buy new shoes (well actually two pairs, dependent on the weather), a new handbag and two new hats, (I wasn’t sure which one I liked best), so I think that as I only chose one outfit Gerard got off quite lightly- he didn’t even have to come shopping with me to choose it! I’ll post a photo of the event and you can see us in all our finery and decide if we make a handsome looking couple and if you like my hat!

In the meantime I am cross with a particular supplier this week so I might already have a topic for next week’s blog!

Till next week


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7 Responses to Hotel TerraVina receives much support and comment from fellow hoteliers….

  1. Darren Northeast says:

    One word! Fantastic….

    Well done both Nina and Gerard! So priviledged to know you both.

    Nina, loving the deep coral – stunning.

    Much love as always, Darren


  2. Oh Darren, bless you! You are too kind.

    Hope to see you soon

    Love Nx


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    Thank you again



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