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Hotel TerraVina sends condolences… our thoughts and wishes are in Japan with friends and colleagues

We, like many others around the world, have been watching in horror as the news reels roll with continuous coverage showing the devastation that nature has wreaked on Japan. We cannot imagine the horror of last Friday. Waking up to a normal, daily routine only for normality to be so cruelly snatched away in such a short space of time, by not just one natural disaster, but two… is unimaginable. To have such another unfolding tragedy so soon after the earthquake, which devastated Christchurch in New Zealand, is just horrible.

Our hearts go out to all of those, in both countries who have been so badly affected. We are shaken just watching from afar, so to be directly affected must feel like being in the midst of a horror film. Gerard and I have many friends and colleagues who live and work in Japan and Gerard has many friends and wine colleagues in New Zealand too. Today we have had word from those in Japan that they and their families and friends are all safe. We are very relieved to hear such news.

When Gerard was in Chile we were “shadowed” by a Japanese film crew, who shot endless hours of footage of the competition, filmed Gerard preparing and then flew over to England after his victory to film even more footage of us here at TerraVina and with Romané. The TV crew were all charming. So polite, friendly and a pleasure to work with and it is this same crew who are now bringing so many harrowing pictures to our UK screens, as they work for NHK, one of Japan’s largest TV news stations…. They are all very, very brave and are working in the most difficult of circumstances and are seeing untold sorrows. Gerard is due to be in Christchurch, NZ, in July for a wine trip and he is braced to see a very different city from the last few times that he has visited. It is such a lovely place and with great people.

We send all of our good wishes, condolences and sympathies to all the people of Japan and in New Zealand who have been so catastrophically affected and hope that they will all be safe soon. Such words do not seem nearly enough but they are heartfelt and echoed by many


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