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Hotel TerraVina shares dog training dilemmas …

The saying “Never work with children or dogs” is so true. I love children, especially my own, adorable son and equally I love animals and most especially dogs, particularly our own puppy, Malmsey. However, at eight months old, Malmsey (yes, she does have a wine name too- she is named after a style of Madeira wine) is becoming a troublesome “teenager” and no more so than when we go to our weekly puppy training sessions. Now, I must admit to the fact that whilst I am organized and well able to multi-task and manage a business with all sorts of staff and personalities, of which, now we are merged with 10in8, numbers a considerable few, BUT when it comes to managing a willful, mischievious puppy I am lost, no less because I have dreadful hand and eye co-ordination; in these trendy times they label it dyspraxia; when I was little and at school, I was just labelled clumsy and everyone was aware that certain tasks took me longer than my peers to master and some tasks I just never got to grips with… bats and balls are especially trying!

Back to the puppy training- I am hopeless. I cannot master having to hold a dog lead, a clicker (training aid), nibbles to lure her to listen to me and walk and talk and concentrate all at once and the ensuing carnage both frustrates, annoys and provides entertainment all at once to various other members and trainers within the group….. the other puppies and dogs are all so much better behaved and listen and act upon commands effectively, whilst Malmsey and I are all over the place and cause chaos in our wake! It doesn’t help that Malmsely too has been diagnosed with slow hand and eye co-ordination and she has the attention span of a gnat. It has got to the stage when next week, after a 6 week beginners course we will all be assessed fro progress… the only positive that they will be able to note is that Malmsey is very pretty and has an adorable nature as her progress is fairly haphazard on the focused tasks. Thus I have been taken to one side and it has been very kindly suggested that rather then re-enrolling on the next course, I should instead have some further 1-1 session with the dog trainer, we do already have some of those and they are easier for us both to manage, so we have readily and gratefully accepted and are putting a positive spin on the whole saga- it could have been worse, we could have been expelled for bad behaviour and really if I’m honest things can only get better.

Meanwhile, at home the puppy is turning into a delinquent as she is chewing everything she can get her teeth into whilst she is teething…. Her particular favourite are door mats and we are on our 4th and counting. She takes no prisoners with whicker baskets and dog beds too and is quite partial to the edges of tables and sofas too….. a friend has suggested a tiny smear of chilli powder may surprise her enough to stop her but if any of you have a top tips then do share.

Whilst at home there is puppy chaos, at TerraVina we are calm and ordered and it is a very welcome respite as a puppy free zone! We have some lovely Mellow Autumn breaks, offers and events planned for the forthcoming months and as always we love to keep seeing so many returning guests and familiar faces

Till next week


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2 Responses to Hotel TerraVina shares dog training dilemmas …

  1. I will need to bring my 10 Month old Choc Lab Stanley down to meet Malmsey sometime then there will be chaos


  2. Hi Jon

    Indeed there would be! Choc Labs are lovely… give him a pat from me.



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