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Hotel TerraVina stops a moment to notice what we sometimes take for granted…

If anyone asked if I am good at noticing details, I would say I certainly am. I see all sorts, all around me and I‘d like to think I understand the importance of details. But, as I write this week’s blog I am sitting gazing out onto the open forest and actually I realize that I don’t notice as many details as I should. I am listening and I can hear the birds’ song. I am watching and I am amused by the squirrels frolicking, the ponies munching and the cows ambling along the lane. A fox has got his time clock muddled and has just run across the lane in front of a car which was driving slowly enough to ensure he made a quick getaway into a neighbouring hedge. The leaves are fluttering on the ground….. I admit, I don’t usually notice such details as I don’t usually sit and gaze quietly out of the windows, making the excuse that I am too busy e mailing, writing marketing plans, blogging, tweeting and just generally being (appearing) busy.

However, this morning I am making an effort… I notice that Marie, one of our super receptionists answers the phone with a smile in her voice, she is super friendly to our checking out guests and nothing is too much trouble for her. The team interact positively with each other and seem genuinely to be happy in each other’s company…. Maybe it’s not just the choice of orange as the hotel’s décor; there does seem to be a “glow” about the place, which overtime I have stopped noticing, but the guests often remark on…. today I notice.

I have been “noticing” more than just details… on a recent course the facilitator listed down a whole host of reasons to visit the New Forest… I hadn’t realized there is so much to do… well at least I thought I did, but actually when you stop to really think, we are so fortunate to live and work in such a fantastic area… it is steeped in history, has a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy and we have the forest and the sea right on our doorstep… we are very lucky indeed and as from today I will try very hard to appreciate, notice and relish what the forest has to offer and with that in mind, I will have to add another task onto my To do List…….creating newly updated local pages onto the website, so watch this space,

Till next week


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2 Responses to Hotel TerraVina stops a moment to notice what we sometimes take for granted…

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Nina

    I am sure most of us are guilty of “looking but not seeing” and “hearing but not listening” (Sound of Silence – Paul Simon) especially in familiar surroundings, but as far as TerraVina is concerned most of the guest do notice, hence the comments you receive – good and the rare not so good! We often run the same route from home but I always try to look around me rather than just the road ahead as we have some lovely views.

    As always the devil (or beauty) is in the detail – whether looking, listening or “doing”.

    We shall look forward to your local recommendations!



  2. Hello Richard

    Indeed.. this morning I noticed a herd of cows ambling along the road in Beaulieu and one of the “mummy” cows was nudging her calf along as he was dwaddling… it was very sweet and then on the opposite side of the road two calves were having a race… to be honest it made my day start with a smile and I felt very fortunate to live in such a lovely place.

    Look forward to see you both soon.


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