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Hotel TerraVina visits a “old haunt” and keeps afloat in the floods

There have been a couple of weeks lapse between blogs due to my being away on a working trip in Birmingham, amongst other adventures and commitments. It is a number of years since I visited Birmingham…. which was once one of my regular haunts as we opened a Hotel du Vin in the old Birmingham Eye Hospital many years ago. I loved the city when I used to visit and have to say that it was a delight to go back. The people are friendly, the event I was at was brilliantly well organized and all in all it was a great trip, made even better by the Gourmet Café, located in Birmingham International Train Station, delivering exceptionally friendly service and delicious bacon baguettes for the whole three days of my stay! (I opted for breakfast there instead of at my hotel as the bacon sandwiches were too good to miss!)

I travelled on the train and the day I travelled home was the day of one of the terrible storms- luckily my travel plans were not too disrupted, albeit the train was filled to capacity due to a previous train having been cancelled and there was a very slow speed limit due to the weather conditions, but the camaraderie between passengers was great and the trip whilst long was actually quite enjoyable.

However, since my return, I have been watching the news with a sense of doom and disappointment for those poor people who have all been so badly effected by the floods. Gerard and I and all the team send our sincere sympathy and thoughts to all those homes, businesses and people effected by the weather- having experienced weather related problems over Xmas, we know only too well how devastating it is for a business, but we cannot imagine a home being flooded to the extent that so many people are suffering- what a miserable, miserable time.

Whilst there seems little to be positive about in these bleak weather conditions, my heart was lifted this morning when I saw daffodils by the roadside and tulips in abundance for sale at the flower stall- such cheery flowers to lighten the mood and to give us all a hint that Spring is only around the corner.

Thus to all those effected by the weather, stay safe, our thoughts are with you all and we do hope that the camaraderie of neighbours and communities will shine through.

Till next week


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