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Hotel TerraVina wishes all of the Paralympic Athletes the best of luck and best wishes for further great games…

Following on from the undoubted success of the London 2012 Olympic Games, TerraVina would just like to wish great success to the Paralympic Games which start this evening with the highly anticipated opening ceremony.

Whilst the Olympic Games are a truly magnificent affair and show the world’s best athletes in the best possible light, I always think that the Paralympics are truly what the Games are all about- the paralympic athletes are truly amazing. They show great courage, tenacity and fortitude in very difficult circumstances, be they disabled through birth, accident or terrorist strikes. They are remarkable people, incredible athletes and so absolutely deserve the title “Super Humans”. Through their achievements we should all take heed and remember that success in life is worth the fight, the hard work, the commitment and the ambition and that there are always those who are less fortunate than us, but who with a determination to succeed can aim for dizzying heights of success and prove that no one should be written off and nothing is impossible…… there is a lesson to be heeded by us all.

On a different note, sadly the school holidays are nearly over (I hear many parents breathing a heavy sigh of relief), but actually I am always disappointed when the school holidays end… the lazy mornings with leisurely family breakfasts are almost over; the morning dog walks together can only now be at the weekends and school shirts have to be ironed. The alarm clock will spring to life at 6am and suddenly life takes on an urgency again- firstly to get to school in the mornings on time and then to arrive back at school in the afternoon to be at the school gate for collection on time- I prefer the gentler pace of school holidays so roll on the half term!

Till next week


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