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Hotel TerraVina’s very own Queen of Speed is deflated!

I am a self confessed “speed junky”… although I prefer the term “Queen of Speed”! The faster I can drive, weather, road conditions and of course speed limits permitting, the better. I like to drive fast, but I am always conscious of the speed limits. Not for me the cruise control button or speed limiter on a car- I can’t be doing with all those fancy gadgets as it stops you from thinking and being in control of the car… likewise I hate Sat Navs for the same reason as if you are listening to the Sat Navs dulcet tones and blindly doing as they instruct – well more than likely you may get lost or end up in a field- thus at a push it’s a map for me,  but mostly its follow my nose and my instinct and we will get there eventually- this of course drives Gerard mad, but as I do most of the driving- (I’m sure I am a better driver than him!), he just has to get cross and tut loudly….. and eventually he finds the route on the map where we should be going.

What seems like many years ago I completed an advance driving course and I loved it- the thrill of it all, driving fast, but in control, around bends and commentating as you did so was very exciting and for a birthday present I would love a spin around a race track, but so far no one has ever indulged me… (no hints here of course!) anyhow the reason I am baring my soul, letting me speed secrets slip and writing this is because, the week before last Romané, my mum and I went on our annual Menorcan trip. We set off for an overnight stay at Gatwick and just past Winchester Services we had a puncture and had to pull over and await the RAC- I had just had my nails painted so didn’t want to chip them changing a tyre; I know I am such a girl! The RAC chap was brilliant. He arrived within 30 minutes, was exceptionally friendly and helpful and the whole service was painless and efficient. However the painful part of the story was then getting back on the road with a temporary tyre in place which meant I could only drive at a maximum of 50 mph.

It’s not until you are forced to drive slowly when other people are flashing by doing 70mph or more, that you realize what a menace slow driving on a motorway is and how dangerous it is to drive so slowly. Of course all of the irate and some very rude drivers didn’t realize I was being forced to due to my temp tyre, but really some of the road rage and gestures were really very offensive!

Notwithstanding we eventually arrived at Gatwick and I was very pleased to abandon the car to the joys of Long Term car parking,  and sink into a bottle of wine to calm my frazzled nerves and to forget about the trauma for the next 10 days whilst I lazed by the pool… however, on our return, all suntanned, relaxed and chilled out, I did of course have to drive back to Hampshire once again at a snails pace and the road rage and impatience of other drivers was no less- eventually I could stand it no longer and left the motorway and drove across country on the A roads which meant 50mph was not so sedentary and the cars behind me could cope better.

My thanks to Mark and his team at Haydon Tyres in Cadnam who kindly ordered me a new tyre, (my tyres are never in stock as they are an unusual size), to be delivered the very next day and who put me back on the road with calm nerves and the ability to be the “Queen of Speed” once more- lovely my 1st trip back on the M3 was bliss!

Till next week

Drive safely


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