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I am a Woman on a Mission… Nina Basset, Hotel Terravina

In the charts currently is a very catchy and uplifting song by Gabriella Climi, ……”On a Mission” and I sing along at the top of my voice whilst driving back and to the hotel. I think it is especially apt at the moment as indeed I am a woman on a mission and so I have adopted this song as my new theme tune!

As I have mentioned in past weeks’ blogs, we have had many challenges thrown at us recently and it has indeed been a task and a half trying to manage and juggle them all, whilst also trying to stay calm and focused on Gerard’s impending competition quest, run the hotel and achieve any semblance of work/life balance…. Well I admit I am failing at that one at the moment. Thus having heard this song recently in the car with Romane, my son, he piped up with, “Mum that’s an ideal song for you to have as a theme tune, and it’s a great song!” and so it was that I have now officially adopted it as my song and I am driving everyone mad by singing it (badly) all the time.

I tackled the packing for Chile yesterday at the same time as preparing two blind tastings for Gerard, sorting out the Easter decorations for the hotel, cooking lunch and hearing Romane practice his French…. Goodness only knows what I will discover when we get to Chile and unpack the cases!!

Finally I would be very remiss if I didn’t say a word of thanks to our great support team, with whom I absolutely couldn’t manage at the moment as they are keeping me smiling and sane…. For various reasons, mostly legal, I cannot blog about current challenges but I will when I can so watch this space, but in the meantime, many thanks to Suzi, Laura and all the hotel team…. You have been great and especially the two “Ladies of the Manor”, who have provided fantastic support in adversity. Many thanks too to Nick and Becky, Dimitri and Xavier, Alan Holmes and Nigel Wilkinson for all their hard work and support for Gerard during his competition preparation. To Dawn, Debbie, Sandra and Julia and their respective other halves for never telling me to be quiet when I am endlessly re-telling the woes of the day… of which there have been plenty recently and for not minding that our friendships have been put somewhat on hold whilst I sort them all out and huge thanks too to Romane, and my parents for never minding having to be flexible and juggle their lives to fit in with us at the moment and especially to Gerard, who has trusted me implicity with an enormous challenge, which he is unable to currently focus on because of his competition and which is all unfolding at the same time as us travelling to Chile.

Sorry if that all sounded like an Oscar speech…. but, if anyone has any theme tune suggestions to help me through this and the stress of Gerard’s impending competition quest they would be gratefully received.

In the meantime, watch this space and I will send news from Chile next week


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2 Responses to I am a Woman on a Mission… Nina Basset, Hotel Terravina

  1. Helen Walter says:

    Hello Nina & gerard. just been reading your blog about the competion preperations how the memories of all those years ago with mark came flooding back!! Just wishing Gerard the best of luck for the competion All the best lots of love Helen & mark. x


  2. Dear Helen and Mark

    Many thanks and we are thrilled that Gerard won the title….. just home from our travels, having had an extra five days in Madrid due to the volcano.

    Thanks again for your message

    N and G xx


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