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Just over two weeks before ASI World Sommelier Championship; this week, Chewton Glen and a change of pace

The weeks are flying by…. Just over two weeks to go before the ASI World Sommelier Championship takes place and preparation is on going but with a change of pace.

Last week I went back to my adopted roots- I returned to Chewton Glen and took part in a mock competition, with a series of exercises, all expertly planned by Alan Holmes, the Beverage Manager at Chewton Glen. He had arranged for various members of the team to play the role of dining guests, he judged the performances and there was even a hapless commis, in the guise of Nigel Wilkinson, a retired sommelier, now wine merchant- they certainly put me through my paces in varied “snappy scenarios” and a written mock questionnaire. The whole experience was hugely useful as it highlighted to me in no uncertain terms that I have been pushing too hard and was very close to meltdown….. for many months now I have been studying and practicing daily for many, many hours and then working at TerraVina and being tested there on a daily basis too.

Thus between the Chewton Glen practice and a further scenario exercise the day after, that Nigel Wilkinson kindly arranged for me, I have realized that whilst I must continue to study and prepare it is important to also pace myself and the buzz word now in the Basset household is “work smart”- quality not quantity is now what I am focusing on and I am adding some rest and relaxation into the programme too.

Many thanks to Alan, his team at Chewton Glen and to Nigel for all their invaluable help.

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3 Responses to Just over two weeks before ASI World Sommelier Championship; this week, Chewton Glen and a change of pace

  1. Ashley Ely says:

    Hello Gerard, I was sorry to have missed you last week. I am glad the experience was valuable especially if it allowed some perpective from the daily study and practise.

    We are all thinking of you and you have our support……..for what is now just around the corner!! Maybe you need some training next time for Humidity in the Sauna!!

    The Very Best of Luck and Kind Wishes –
    Ashley Ely


    • Dear Ashley and all the Chewton Glen team

      Thank you so much for your good wishes and words of encouragement and of course your unstinting support over the last few months and weeks as my training has gained pace. It is invaluable to have so many friends and colleagues spurring me on and I thank you all most sincerely for your good wishes- may I also send good wishes to Andrew for the end of April when he is taking part once again in the London Marathon- we will all be routing for him!

      Many thanks once again

      With warmest wishes



    • Jayna says:

      Everyone would beenfit from reading this post


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