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This blog post has been many months in waiting and I did not envisage writing another blog post that was less than positive, but sadly sometimes the curved balls just keep coming at you! 2017 has been a challenging one and as it nears its close I have to say, we all at TerraVina will be relieved to wave goodbye to 2017 and welcome in a new year, hopeful that it will be more positive, productive and less challenging.

The challenges this year have been and continue to be numerous. Brexit and its negative impact on the business has been a huge challenge and one which is still very much being felt. Tragically, in early Springtime, the sudden death of our beloved Ross, our super special assistant manager hit us all hard. We watched and supported the team to deal with their collective and personal grief and the feelings of pride we had for them all are immense, as they supported one another through their loss and now, we are grateful to them all, as they have come together again to lend support, firstly to me as I dealt with the news that my mum is bravely battling wide spread cancer and more recently in the past couple of weeks, their support to both me and Gerard, coupled with their hard work in ensuring the business keeps going, whilst we deal with the recent news that sadly Gerard is also battling an aggressive cancer, for which he is undergoing immediate and urgent treatment, with a major operation to follow, hopefully in the Spring.

There is a saying that when life serves you lemons, you should make lemonade.. well metaphorically speaking we will have made gallons of lemonade then by the end of the year. Crisis certainly do prove if you have character and with certainty I can vouch for the fact that each and every TerraVina team member has character a plenty.

Despite so many setbacks this year, we remain positive, determined and strong in our conviction that the business will survive the knocks it has experienced over the past year. Gerard will win his battle, as will my mum and we will come through this period of challenge ready to rejuvenate, re-invent and kick start the business after 10 (long!) years of trading…. Watch this space as 2018 will be an exciting one and whatever the next challenge may be we are ready to tackle it!

I and the team look forward to welcoming you back to TerraVina again very soon. Gerard may be conspicuous by his absence in the short term, but he remains very much a vital part of TerraVina and whilst we will miss him being with us whilst he concentrates on his treatment, we will all be cheering him on in this latest challenge!

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