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Kids! Tales from Hotel TerraVina

I mentioned a few weeks ago that our son, Romané had recently been on a school trip to Mull. On the return leg of the trip, he and his class mates had a long wait at Glasgow airport and needed to have dinner. Thus Romané decided that he would treat his friend (a girl friend in fact) to dinner in Frankie and Benny’s diner. The teachers arranged a meeting point and left them to their own devices. However, they had of course spent some of their limited funds during the week and so between them they did not have very much left to spend.

Romané checked that he had enough for fish and chips and one coke which they would share. Thus he arrived at the restaurant entrance, explained they were with limited funds and restricted in terms of time and so the restaurant could easily have the table back for a relay within the hour ( he is such a smooth talker, just like his father!). Thus the waitress was already charmed, so much so that she “treated” them to an extra coke, (even though Romané was apparently at great pains to point out that they could only afford one) he assures me that he profusely thanked her for her kindness, when she said it was fine and the extra coke was not being charged and ensured that they had two plates (and plenty of ketchup) to enjoy their fish and chips.

Thus he “romanced” his friend over a fish and chip supper and the very kind waitress told them that she was hugely impressed with their good manners and politeness…. Both Gerard and I are immensely proud of Romané and never more so than when others notice how polite and charming he is.

However, every now and then he throws me into a panic and because of it I get into situations that I would not choose to be in…. a prime example being that he and a school friend decided it would be great fun to attend Bestival, on the Isle of Wight in September 2011. The friend’s parents have managed to get tickets and so invited Romy along too, but on looking at the Bestival website, there are thousand’s and thousand’s of people flocking to the event and of course me being a mother hen, I panicked and couldn’t deal with the thought of him being at a festival without me…. I had thoughts of him being trampled by the crowd, lost in the melée and all sorts of other worries (don’t even think about how horrified his nanny and granddad were at the thought!) thus…… I am also now going to the Bestival.

Whilst at the festival, we are camping (I know, me camping!!!). I don’t have a clue who most of the artists are that will be performing (I think I recognised three of them); the festival is famous for all the festival goers going in fancy dress and I can’t even bear to think of the mud and mess if it rains, but the very slimmest light at the end of the tunnel is that I have booked a ready erected tent, in a stewarded field, with (oh joy) hot showers and toilets AND a pamper parlour, complete with hair driers. I am convincing myself that it will be GREAT fun and I AM looking forward to it…. is Gerard coming with us? For those silly enough to even think he might be, NO! Gerard absolutely doesn’t camp or “do” festivals, unless it’s a wine one!

Whatever will Romané get me into next? According to all the team (who were amazed that I was going to Bestival and think it’s very funny!) if I like Rave and Indie types of music I’ll love it (don’t tell them but I haven’t a clue what type of music that is… I was hoping for Rumour and Tom Jones!)

Roll on term time, so I can relax, safe in the knowledge  that I won’t be off to any other madcap events

Enjoy the sunshine


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2 Responses to Kids! Tales from Hotel TerraVina

  1. What an excellent promotional opportunity, Nina! I can visualise you both in TerraVina t-shirts waving TerraVina flags and retiring to a TerraVina tent…the opportunities are endless.


  2. Hello Mike

    Indeed- I should have a TerraVina sponsored tent! Camping and I are not the best of friends so I don’t think I will be a very happy bunny, especiall if it rains!



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