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Lights, Camera and Action… TV stardom beckons (I live in hope!) at Hotel TerraVina

I am going to be a TV star!!!!! Well alright then, that’s an exaggeration of somewhat gigantic proportions, but I was filming this week for a TV show that is aired on the BBC… my slot will probably be transmitted in the Autumn.

The TV show is “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” and I had great fun filming with John Cameron, the show’s presenter… thank you John for being so kind to me and helping it all look so easy on camera- I very much enjoyed the filming. I bartered for a Dutch antique wine bottle, circa 17 hundred and something and which was plain, but pretty and with an interesting history to it. I think it will be a present for Gerard and may even spur him into collecting antique wine memorabilia, rather than just collecting even more wine books.

The crew were brilliant and the whole day went by in a flash.……. personally I think I may have missed my vocation and perhaps it’s not too late for TV stardom to still beckon!  (I’m only joking, as I would need extensive air brushing to ensure I don’t frighten the viewers if it were to be a regular occurrence)

For those of you who haven’t visited the forest recently, I must just tell you that Exbury Gardens is looking a complete picture of beauty with a riot of colours and blooms as large as dinner plates, so do try to visit soon and whilst in the area pop in for lunch or even better come and stay. Likewise we have donkeys galore, some foals and I even saw buffalo in Brockenhurst last week, so there’s wildlife aplenty on the many forest walks to keep you entertained…. If that all feels too strenuous, just come and laze by the pool with a G&T and soak up the sunshine.

Someone told me today that TerraVina provides “an oasis of calm” and that having arrived stressed and tired, they left feeling refreshed, energized and very relaxed- that made our day as that’s the whole point of why we do, what we do and it’s good to know the “TerraVina magic” is working

Till next week


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