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London sights and special places… TerraVina in the capital- now there’s a thought…

Gerard and I took advantage of a few calmer days here at TerraVina to take a few days off and enjoy London. We are both often in London but usually we are cramming the trip into a day and rarely get the chance to actually stay over and enjoy London and all that it has to offer….. our son Romané loves London so jumped at the chance to be a tourist for a few days, so off we went.

London was very busy, (we asked ourselves, recession?… what recession?) full of tourists and our hotel and all of the restaurants and cocktail bars we visited were busy, as was the theatre- if you haven’t yet seen Legally Blonde, I would HIGHLY recommend it- Sheridan Smith plays the part of Elle Woods brilliantly and the whole cast are excellent and it was one of the most funny and entertaining musicals we have seen for a while. We were based near Westminster Bridge which gave us a perfect location to walk everywhere. We walked miles, but actually London is such a great city to stroll around that it was the best possible way to enjoy the city and to take stock of the fantastic architecture and beautiful buildings that the capital has to offer. (Paris is a similarly beautiful city that is so easy to stroll in) and in London we walked and walked and walked.

Taking advantage of the recent re-opening of the Savoy, we visited the American Bar and enjoyed the most delicious cocktails made by award winning cocktail maestro, Stefano Cossio, (he was previously at the Dorchester, but is now to be found mixing the best Old Fashioned in town at the Savoy’s American Bar). The hotel looks beautiful- very well renovated and very smart but with a friendly and unstuffy atmosphere and Gordon Ramsey’s Grill room was heaving. We also visited the equally bustling Dorchester to enjoy the cocktails there too, (not on the same evening I hasten to add) and the team were as charming, attentive and friendly as ever and the Molitjo (think Mojito but with an added shot of Lupo juice, was amazing).

All in all we had a great few days away and London did not disappoint, although I could start ranting about chewing gum on the pavements…. Ever since our trip to chewing gum free Singapore, it has been a bone of contention with me how disgusting our pavements are, no more so than in London which is covered with the horrible stuff, (you have a look at the pavement of any High Street next time you are walking along and see what I mean), but I won’t use the hotel blog to rant and rave about it this week!

In fact, London was so busy, so bustling and so vibrant that it got Gerard and I thinking… we used all that walking time to have impromptu brain storming conversations and we both agreed that providing we found the right location, (in London location is vital) a site in London for a TerraVina would be brilliant…. Thus watch this space, who knows what 2011 might bring!

‘Till next week


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