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Long legs, deep voices and healthy appetites- Hotel TerraVina enjoys the Easter school holidays…

It is often with some trepidation that I look forward to the school holidays. Not because I don’t love having Romané (our son) at home more than usual, or that the hotel is filled with more children than is the norm, but rather that I have to multi task more than when school is functioning- I have to juggle my time between the needs of a teenage son at home , a team of staff at the hotel, which is generally busier in school holiday times and all the other tasks that I fill my week with. Plus I have to shop so much more often because teenagers (well boys anyway) eat so much… it must be their long legs and developing muscles, but certainly the fridge never seems full when Romy is at home.

He is now towering above me and has as deep a voice as his papa. Today we have had a friend of Romy’s over for the day and as I was driving them from one place to another I couldn’t help but tune into their conversation… no longer is it innocent fun discussing Thomas the Tank engine, the Tweenies and batman or Spiderman; instead it’s now all about the latest Xbox game- a new favourite is called Defiance. They now chat about vampires, warriors and chapters in the latest Game of Thrones book- it only seems a moment since Romané was the age of the excited, teeny tots that visit the hotel to go to spend the day at Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park, but now instead, in the blink of an eye he is almost shaving!

Soon Gerard and I will be empty nesters as it is not many more years away that Romy will leave home to go off to uni and gap years and the like; oh my, the thought of it fills me with dread and excitement for him all at once.  Then of course there will soon also be girlfriends to welcome home, get to now and like them and then share in the sense of loss when it all goes wrong and we never meet them again…. I never imagined having a teenager at home would encourage such a torrent of emotions; thankfully he is not a stroppy teenager as I’m not sure that either I o GB would cope with that too.

As an aside from teenagers, but connected just the same, I have a dear friend who I have known since our late teenage years; we were at hotel management school together a very long time ago, I am god mum to one of her beautiful daughters and she is a treasured friend- despite bravely fighting off illness from a brain tumour almost 2 years ago she is preparing next week to have to be operated on again, as the tumour has grown back voraciously- mine and Gerard’s thoughts are with her and her lovely family… she is being so strong and brave and we are all cheering her on for another positive outcome- it makes you wonder why life is seemingly so cruel an especially to those that deserve nothing but good health and happiness.

Till next week


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