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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wishes

As the festive season is now in full swing, the time to write my blog seems to be shrinking still further- we have had another great two trials in our new,  “Dining Room at TerraVina”- thank you so much to all the lovely friends, guests and enthusiasts who have loved it… we are now taking bookings for 19th, 20th and 21st January, so if you fancy a trip to the forest and some of George’s forest delights then do come and see us.

I have been driving all over the country visiting all of the properties that I now look after- each place is looking beautifully festive and bedecked in gorgeous Xmas decorations. The teams are working hard (Thank you all) and the 10in8 teams are looking forward to a break for Xmas and NY.  I love this time of year, decorating and planning presents and then wrapping them to look beautiful and tempting under the tree… this year our puppy has been “helping” so the tress look a bit wonky and the presents wrapping paper a bit frayed and chewed at the edges here and there!

The TerraVina team are working over Xmas and NY as we are open and busy, busy, busy. Both and Gerard and I would like to say a very hearty Thank you to them all for the loyalty, hard work and commitment they all show to us, not just at this manic time of year but throughout the year. We feel very lucky to have them as our team.

I am sure I have many tales to recount of the past couple of weeks, but as I’m writing this, I am also preparing a speech for an after lunch event I have been invited to speak at, plan the rest of my week around outings, work, school runs and pick ups and dog walking, along with a trip to Santa and Peppa Pig with my god daughter and Romy (he’s far too old for Santa of course and Peppa Pig, but adores Georgia and it is one of the highlights of the year for us to all spend the day together).  So if I’m honest, I can’t remember what day of the week it is today let alone what I did yesterday or last week- it was however a busy, challenging and mostly enjoyable time made even better by the antics of Malmsey, our adorable puppy who at 10months old is getting even prettier, and more naughty and mischievous by the day- we all adore her and I cannot imagine our lives now without her as she makes each day that little bit more busy, chaotic and fun.

Romané is in his final week of his 1st term at school and I am off to Romsey Abbey tonight with him to enjoy the school Carol concert- then I will truly feel festive and that Christmas and all that it truly means is here… thus, to all of you have a lovely Christmas and New Year. Enjoy being with special friends, family and loved ones.

Thank you all for continuing to read the blog- until next year

Warmest wishes

Nina x

Ps: Whilst I don’t want to bombard you with commercial “plugs”…. We do have a January offer that is such amazing value I did just want to bring it to your attention. Thus if you fancy a trip to TerraVina early in the New Year and can come and see us in January have a look at this too good to miss offer:

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